The spell upgrade time is stuck on 3 days!

Hello everyone.
I have a strange problem.
I’ve upgraded my swordrain spell and noticed that the time of the upgrade does not pass! It is stuck on 3 days and 14 hours! a couple of days already.

What can I do? In addition, I will not be able to exhaust the “boost your offense” event.

Thanks in advance

I started the upgrade two days ago!

its just a visual error, since the event caps the upgrade time to 2 days, the progress bar is based on that and will only show progress under 2 days. But because you started upgrading before the event, your time left is greater than 2 days, the progress it not shown. if you check back in a few hours you will probably notice the 3d 14h is indeed reducing, but no progress on the bar.

you are not alone, many / most players will not be able to make any use of the event as upgrades are already in progress and the event will end until after upgrades finish.

thank you for the quick reply.
It really sucks that we can’t enjoy this event