The Stats we're "allowed" to Upgrade are generally Disappointing...

I can’t be the only one who thinks they are letting us upgrade all the wrong Stats!

There are a few cool option! 

Like you can upgrade the Shield to have Regeneration!  That’s freaking awesome!

And upgrade the Archer and Skull Tower’s Range!

But most of the stats are totally unimaginative and at their 1% improvement most of them are virtually meaningless!

Why doesn’t Sonic Blast or Heal allow us to upgrade the Duration of the Spell!  That would awesome!

Why doesn’t Gargoyle Tower, Snake Tower, or Frost Tower (not like anybody uses it), allow us to upgrade the range?

And Spikes, they really couldn’t have given the Slow Down perk perk that some how Toxic Cloud got? 

Lol, our minds connected for a moment. While I was playing an hour ago I thought that forging duration for Sonic Blast would be interesting…

sonic Blast and heal i like that part

Oh, and for Mummy’s all the stats we can upgrade are pretty stupid. 

Most people use Mummies are meat shields!  And they won’t let us upgrade the health!

Beyond that I just realized today, what I’d love to upgrade is their speed or chance of casting a Stun Spell.

You can already forge movement speed ^

I meant speed of casting stun spell or chance of casting stun spell cause I wasn’t sure what the mechanism is.

Not speed of movement.