The Stronghold Map needs more interfaces and details

Short-version:  I think we should be able to see upgrades, alliance info, and next conquest rewards/time from within the Stronghold map, rather than having to be on the main map to see them.


So, this is our Stronghold map right now:

Doesn’t it seem a bit uninformative and plain? To view when the next conquest is, or the name of the conquest battle, or any rewards and standings in the conquest, I need to exit our Stronghold and view it from the main map. It seems a bit unproductive and counter-intuitive to have the info on another screen other than the one it pertains to. What about facility upgrades in the stronghold? I have to manually check them -inside- the stronghold map. It’s just that all the indicators are scattered or non-existent, and pretty disorganized. I’m sure the conquest mode will be enjoyable, but some aspects are pretty rough.


Think of the ninja event, or the pro-league, and even the dungeon. You can view everything you need to know from within that event location without having to leave it. Why should it be any different from those modes? Even dungeon exploration has its upgrades featured in the upgrades panel.


I understand these things are easier said than done, but it’s an important quality of life update that I think we can all benefit from to improve the quality of the Stronghold map. Maybe Flaregames knows this and was just focused on getting the functionality of the mode working first. Regardless, I think this would really make the new mode more put-together.


I feel the same, i need to go back to the main screen to know how much gold we have in the alliance or to see the info about the conquest. I think that maybe adding here the alliance’s button (that is in the main screen) can help us to access the info we need, the alliance gold, and the conquest info.

I agree, it’d be really nice to see the alliance gold or even just the alliance tab button on the side. This would make things much quicker instead of going back and forth from your kingdom to the stronghold, just to figure out something

the stronghold could also use some info on what districts you’re in.

I’m in one of those district and don’t what district # i’m in.

it looks like there are 8 districts, starting at 0 to 7.  (why zero??, it should be 1 to 8).