The Swedish Crown - Level 55 - English - Req 500K donation 4300+ Trophies

Active, friendly and fun alliance with a great community seeking new members!


We are seeking stable members and do not wish to recruit alliance jumpers, in order to give good performance in war we need to have a reliable core of members that we know will participate and be interested in competing.


We offer help and suggestions regarding perks, defense setups and all kinds of strategies and a great community. Contact me IGN: Pappatiss or search us up and apply


Everyone is expected to donate daily and participate in all wars during a war season.

We do of  course allow exceptions for good reasons :slight_smile:


Our alliance rank has been stable between 30-40 for a while.




Currently activated boosts (11-01-16)










-Bomb tower


You forgot to mention we provide free booze and beautiful women massaging shoulders of our most valuable fighters.

Wait ! What!? Lmao

What women?

This alliance has a solid core of active members from everywhere.  There is always somebody on to talk to.  


It has:


  1. a majority of 500 and 750k donators with solid boosts appropriate for high level players

  2. mature and level-headed generals

  3. very active general chat

  4. many competent war champions

  5. beautiful women


What this alliance does NOT have:

  1. alliance jumpers who do not participate in chat

  2. members with 0 skulls in war

  3. dirty socks

  4. mean people


If you are not 100% happy with your alliance and you are reading this post it means this is a sign from the heavens and you must join us immediately or else something bad will happen in your life.

Oh wow so hot… hope we are allowed to post links like that on the forum! Think of the children!

you all are getting as good and funny as the huns…

double post, sorry

Here is one of our pretty women:



And new members: What we also do not have – is humor!  :slight_smile:
Join Now!

You will regret it.

Dude! C’mon! We said no public nudity online. Think about those children…


Haha! I just have to say that this alliance is a truly fun one to be apart of!

Thank you for the opportunity but I think I will skip the massage this time. I do not trust that oger. I advice all new members to do the same. Another advice: never trust minions… ehrm… I mean generals. They spend too much time drinking beer with their free workers in the tavern.

Doud, dont give the generals any ideas. You know how easy it is to influence them.

*worried leader*

Everyday, we get up to train, fight and get gold for the alliance because all these boosts are so expensive. And this best base challenge is so challenging! Fortunately, we have casual fridays. Once a week, we can leave our armour at home and wear whatever we want.

It’s so kind of our dear leader Tessie.

thanks for brightening my day…

You’re welcome Gypsy. I always start singing that Shakira song when I see your name; “'cause I’m a gypsy, are you coming with me?” :wink:

Anyway, have a nice day


And look, it’s Jaffar from Agrabah. Welcome!

Due to inactivity we currently have 1 slot open.

After this war season ends we will probably have 2 more.


Contact us if you meet the requirements of 500k tower and 4300+ Trophies

If you are slightly below or currently upgrading send friend request to leader/generals for a talk

Two slots open now. Need active war fighters and donators   minimum 4300 trophies and 500k alliance tower.

Apply now! :wink:

Still 1 more spot


We need a mighty elven warrior to bolster our ranks for glorious victory upon the fields of battle! May the bolita guide you mey guwanan