The Swedish Crown



We are a Swedish Alliance but we welcome all nationalities. At the moment we have a Lovely mix of people and nationalities.

We are looking for someone fun and who loves to chat. We have quite an active chat which means it require you to speak English. We would love to have someone who donates at least 50k and have 2800+ trophies.


Please post a reply here in the forum or pm me if you’re interested! We’ll have a spot available in the next couple of days.

At the moment we have a 26% gold boost and 22 members.

We have an open spot and we’re still looking for people who are looking for a fun, active alliance to join!  Our chat is quite busy and we have a lot of great people in the group.  If that sounds appealing, please apply!  We’re trying to find anyone above 3000 trophies who donates at least 50k.  Thanks!

In the next few days we will upgrade our alliance to level 25, which means we’ll have an open spot. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss because the only time we have open spots is when we’re upgrading the alliance.

There are plenty of reasons why you should join:

  1. We are all very friendly and active in chat.

2. Our members really like our alliance and enjoy their membership, which is why we have such few open spots. This is proven by the fact that 15 of the original 17 members have stayed loyal to the alliance.

  1. Our website is soon turning 2 months and we’re celebrating this with new and exciting features. You don’t want to miss that.


We still ask that you have at least 2800 trophies and donate 50k+. If you meet these requirements then don’t hesitate to apply in game or pm me if you want to be a part of our awesome team.

Hi all! Tessie here!


I am going to revive this old thread even though recruiting on the forum is probably the most inefficent way to do it.

Who we are searching for:

  • a person that donates 150k+ every day and has 3300+ trophies
  • someone who loves to chat and is loyal to the alliance
  • participates in every war

Our rules:

  • Donate daily
  • Participate in war
  • Read chat and respond

Guidelines for a more friendly environment where everybody is welcome:

  • Only speak english in chat. You may speak some other language for a short period of time (i.e. max 10 min). After that some member will tell you to shut up :stuck_out_tongue:
  • If the chat has been quiet for more than 1h please post some random message. Our motto: Never let the chat die. Dead chat = dead alliance. We are very much alive and we would like to stay that way.

 The people that works hard to get the chat entertaining:

  • Me. I am the crazy leader that is everywhere and nowhere at once.
  • Shadow of Kaine leads the alliance when I’m nowhere to be found and he keeps all the members in check (incl. the leader). He is also the one who falls victim when we want to mess around in chat.
  • King Jaffar is the guy to talk to because he is a good listener and great at convincing me to do stuff.
  • Selikesu and Dadef makes sure there is never a boring moment in chat. Crazy swedes huh…
  • Ale95Pro, I’m sorry for always making you angry at me. But to be fair you scare me half to death from time to time so I think it’s ok for me to tell you that your football team sucks. FORZA MILAN! Nah, I don’t have any interest in football at all (and for you Kitchen Sink and all other americans out there, I’m talking about soccer but that’s a forbidden word in our alliance)
  • Luissimo oink oink and his wife Champolion. Makes me laugh every day. Thank you for making the chat weird and annoying our members with your polls.

Cutoff, if you read this:  I have no idea why you are loyal to us since you are never online at the same time as the rest of the alliance but I’m happy to have you with us. Peace, love n thai food.


I also want to thank all of our members. Sadly I can’t talk about every single one of you. But you are all so awesome so I wished I could. Don’t forget how awesome you are. A big shout out to Kitchen Sink though, who has been with me since the beginning. Always rejected when alliances tried to recruit him. Thank you for staying and building this alliance with me.


We want to grow as a team and keeping our members is important. Don’t be afraid to tell us what you think. Each voice counts and helping each other is natural to us.


Now you have gotten to know some of our members and how our alliance works. Sounds like an alliance you would like to join? Make sure to send me a PM then. We will soon have a few open spots so don’t miss your chance to become a member of our team.

you have a free spot if you would like a visitor plz send me an invite i am not the wicked witch

I would love to send you an invite but I kicked myself out of my own alliance and now I can’t get back in. Hahaha


I will try to get back in soon and send you an invite