The tasks of cursed items

Hello developer,

 There are some tasks to Uncurse the items are not actually a task for me or other players. Specially the task " Sell items with same rarity as this ".It takes more than giving. Because it's actually need gems to break as it's not a task anyway.

If I get the sell 5 items task on blue or purple it means spend 10/25 gems. If I get on yellow I just sell 1

"Selling items " Shouldn’t be considered as a " Task ".btw, to Uncurse such items you have to spend gems. No other options . U sell items or spend gems in both ways you are not getting anything. The thing is worse when this item is a cursed red item. My point is, it shouldn’t be a task at all. Thanks!


I agree on this. 100%

Green/blue : I just pay the gems, too cheap to bother.
Purple : so rare, I would never sell them, pay gems
Gold : I can make a titan item, rather than selling golds, pay gems
Titan : Are you kidding me? Who sells titan? Honestly??? I hate to characterize, but that would be stupid.

And I have suggestions for tasks… I play a game, and challenges force the player to use certain aspects of the game, like using items/heroes and so on. OR does that, to an extent. Why don’t you introduce the following to encourage people to learn the game better


Make 4 x 4* items
Dismantle 4 x 4* items
Use 500k wisdom in refining silver
Use 200k wisdom & 5 million gold in refining gold item
Upgrade a unique
Make a silver or gold item (x amount)

And there could be some for the GK, some for the defense layout. Small tips within the tasks.



in Unlocking cursed items! there was a similar discussion for unlocking cursed items. i guess they will rework the tasks for the titan chests too and use some of the suggestions

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Thanks for this reference. I didn’t know there were already a discussion. Hope FG makes the tasks some meaningful. :grin:… Anyway, FG keep us waiting a lot. :joy:. Like I am still waiting for a new hero in this game for a long time. I am fade up watching Perseus as gk in 99% defense. :roll_eyes:. Hope they add a hero suitable for gk. :yum:


You can make Ajax, Achilles as good gatekeeper or any other shield bearer hero as defender but it requires little bit more work as compared to making Perseus as gate keeper.

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I hope fg makes cursed task simple and not complex one like conquer 20 amrosia island,20 gold island,20 wisdom island or open 2 titan chest task ,it just take too much time to complete these tasks as compared to gain gold,wisdom task.
Even task related to spend 11000 amrosia or gain 5500 amrosia takes lot of time to finish.


If they wanted to keep the “sell xx items” curse … at least it could be changed to sell items of a lower tier.
As in, sell 5-6 yellows to get a red. Sell 5-6 purple to get a yellow… you’d end up even.more or less


Right! But Perseus unique shield and his spell keep him +2 points ahead of any other heroes as a defender. So no reason to make other heroes as gk when we have Perseus. :joy:. I would like to see one more new hero who is a perfect competitor of Perseus as a gk. Definitely it should have good spell and unique perfect for a this game there are lots of heroes which are very good in offense, even Perseus too. Will be nice to have a new hero who has very good defensive nature. Thanks! :slight_smile:

It will be ok too. But I think the developer should remove this task completely. But in the end all up to the developer. :grin:

You should look a bit further ahead, like +3 points then you will see other possibilities.

That being said, Perseus is the obvious choice, which is why he’s so popular. But he’s far from “miles ahead” all other heroes for GK build. The best GKs in the game are all Perseus because ppl choose to stay with him. But if any of these guys wants to build, say, Ajax for the fun, then you’ll have a beast Ajax GK right there.

Perseus needs much less refines than other heroes. If you put in as much refining into any hero and to a Perseus, the Perseus will always be better(If you choose the best perk combos)

Do you know about refining,with it you don’t need Perseus mirror shield. Some of the top players don’t use it all.

One more thing which we must consider is the unique shield. There is only one unique item which has this perk. If there were any other heroes with this reflection perk I would definitely use him.

With recent loh and attack speed combo. Perseus is not a good option anymore :sweat_smile: ajax and Achilles can be made into better keepers.
But it’s my opinion don’t think about it much.

But for everyone, that shield is the big advantage of Perseus. No doubt.

Sorry i dont refine. It’s too costs at my lvl. I really don’t have good knowledge about refining items. All my statements are based upon non-refining items. Maybe you are right when the refining is being considered but before that Perseus is far better than any other heroes as defender.

(Most GKs are also pretty bad)

The mirror shield is fine but they don’t give you full PHRes by itself, which means you need to supplement somewhere else.

You can silver refine it and get max phys

Of course, but if you’re refining you don’t need to rely on Perseus in the first place.