The Three Frauds of Flare Games

The Three Frauds of Flare Games

Hello everyone!

In hopes of adding transparency and clarifying some of the more dubious tactics of Flare Games, I have cataloged and posted the top 3 things I found either deceptive or outright fraud/scandalous that I’ve found while playing the game over these last four years.

Because many people have legitimate complaints that are different than mine, I encourage you to “chime in” with your own experiences, keeping this post pinned to the top as a visual shining “Black Eye” to constantly remind Flare that they should work towards building a better product and practice treating their customers with at least a trickle of dignity and respect.

Fraud #1: “Unique” Item packages.

I’m a big fish – Over the last four years I’ve spend close to a thousand dollars on this game. Not the biggest, but still pretty big. Some of my purchases were buying “Unique” uber item packages – which stated that you “get 10 unique uber items”.

Low and behold, I bought a package and started getting duplicates. Two sets of duplicates to be exact.

So I contact support – “why am I getting duplicates in my 10 unique uber item packages?”

Flare : “unique means the type of item, not that they are different.”

Me : “I don’t understand? I thought the item type was “uber”…”

Flare : “There are two different categories of Uber – normal, and unique.”

Me : “How in the hell would I know that? Did you post that info anywhere? Last time I checked “Unique” meant different.”

Flare : “We understand how this might cause so confusion and will work on solutions to make it more clearer in the future…”

(I’ll let you judge if they have done better or worse in this department yourself, but for that interaction they get the Fail tags of # Deception, Misdirection, False Advertising(bait and switch).

My playtime and spending took a big hit after that conversation. Congrats Flare.

Fraud #2: Third Chest Gems after level 90

Disclaimer: If you don’t pay gems to open chests, REPEAT if you don’t pay gems to open chests, then you can’t open gems in the third chest.

I used to get them (approximately once a level) but once I hit level 90 (I’m now Level 116), they stopped dead cold. I’ve tracked it, asked multiple friends, and found out that it seems no one has been able to acquire gems in the third chest. I did buy chests a few times to get extra pearls when I was close to upgrading something – and like magic – I saw a third gem chest , but when I stopped – I didn’t get them again. This happened twice – both only when I started paying gems, and stopping both times after I stopped.

Editors note – some of you might have a false memory of getting these, or even accidentally opened a chest with gems which might have resulted in obtaining third gems chests latter – so try to remember the frequency at which you’ve gotten the them over time verses the amount you “might/think/accidentally” you’ve paid to open chests – I’ve gotten only two in 26 levels – each when I spent gems, with each level requiring monumentally more time and exp than the obtaining the previous 90. I only noticed this because I was already tracking it…

Deception, False Advertising(Look what you “missed”(but it isn’t what you can actually get anyways…)

Fraud #3: Pro League Rewards Switcheroo

Yes, yes, flare posted big rewards this season and my guild leader literally screamed, begged, and prodded everyone to go because the rewards were on a much larger scale… Except the last day, when they were nerfed. Welcome to the land of Illegal Bait and Switch – SHAME FLARE SHAME!

Disclaimer : I hate pro league (no troll bro i’m not pro), but sometimes I participate anyways because of two things:

1: It has a new reward I really want (and I need crystals for it).

2: I have a ton of time and won’t mind suffering through a league designed to punish and make you lose/feel miserable.

Both have to be true.

Editors note - My favorite tactic for playing Pro? – entering and not playing (at all). I’ve literally rebranded Pro League to “suffering” in my mind and try to avoid it at all costs… At least we get free tickets once in a while – so no worries if I cash them in for a chest and free crystals once in a while. “No worries” is the key phrase here when talking about suffer/worry league…

Deception, False Advertising(bait and switch)

Thank you all for the read and please place any questions and comments you might have below. Remember, the more we keep posts like this one the main page, the more the devs will be reminded they exist. Someone has to care about this game – might as well be us the players!

Happy battling!

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2: Yes, biggest scam ever. Never got gems or tokens here. Playing with full luck set for a while. 3rd chest only shows good rewards when you miss it to encourage spending 15 gems.

3: It was clearly a bug to me from the beginning, as are the bugs when chests are too low and they fix it last minute because hackers mess up ranking/reward system. Nevertheless, can see people joining because of prizes and being disappointed.

Good feedback. My opnion:

  1. Just because Flaregames don’t have a clearly descriptions for it. It’s their little fault, but a big problem.
  2. Sometimes feel like I got lied. So don’t expect to much :joy:
  3. Of course, I don’t like it. I think they just want to balance the pro cup.
    (Sorry for my English)

With this title i doubt they wont lock it soon enough.

  • pro league adjusts were bulls@#$. If they wanted they could simply assume the mistake and give the chests and crystal to everyone as easy as a snap of fingers…but guess what? they wont, or else you wouldnt keep spending money to buy those chests.

  • Gems in the chamber? thats quite a scam. I cant say you get those gems if you spend gems to open the chests, but i can say that from level 80 to 117 i havent found a single gem, and its prob like a thousand raids…

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Agree fully with the first bullet. FG advertised on a ‘sale’ and just decided to change the terms😤. They have a looooooooooong way to go on customer intimacy. Bad move FG☹️