Hi Team,

I started playing The trolling stones event yesterday and completed 3 battles with 3 crown but my ship is stuck at 2 step (Abondoned Archipelago). It is not moving further nor I can battle again as everything is grayed out. Can you please fix this at earliest and explain the issue.

Game: Royal Revolt 2
Platform: Android
Device: Mobile-Samsung Galaxy S8

Hi hiten,

Please contact customer support for this issue. Thank you!


Have a Good day!

this should not happened at all u clearly still hava 9 more battles,  @Madlen well i need to tag u here for 2 reason first the support won’t answer him till monday  and this issue should be salved immediately because of this bug reined his time   and he might not be able to finish in time thanks

I guess if the expected cons occur , flares will compensate."

i mean this ninja event’s name is trolling stone  so u might just got trolled 

@**KamakshyaP: **131330 was submitted yesterday for same at that link but no action so far.


Weird situation. Never happened before. Hope you recieve 10 Uber chests, all 5 Ninjas, 500 gems(minimum) and your scores added in alliance full/full as a compensation.

I got the same issue, I’m stuck at the Ghost Island and my ship wont sail.

Hey guys,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ve added it to our database and we are working on a permanent solution.