The trophies influence in the quality of items?

Hello everyone,

My question is the following, I am in lvl 12 and I do not get many good items, for example I see players with items with 9k of life, but mine are no more than 7k. How is this possible? The trophies influence in the quality of items?
I have 1687 trophies.

Trophies don’t influence the stats an item has. Your Hero (King) Level influence the stats of your items. maxed stats are reached when your King is level 105 as an Uber Item is your King Level + 25. And max Item level is 130. But any additional Level enhances the secondary stats of any item (stats in the bottom left and bottom right of the Item)

As ur hero level increases , u will get high stats of items from previous one, 

So just try to level up , 

U easily get 12-15 k of life.  In some days.