The Ugliest in RR2

A Poll for FUN :stuck_out_tongue:  

Lol, I would pick the princess… What a twisted mind is needed to make a girl look like a man… I would not be surprised if she has an unshaved bird…

I voted for the ogre, but definitely the runner up was the princess, she’s like the king cosplaying a girl :stuck_out_tongue:  

The stupid ogre, but the villain is too stupid ?

The princess is so like a man , just eyebrow seems like a girl lol

I voted for your avatar…

Thank You, I hope you emerge as the winner of this contest.

Oohh… What can I win, what can I win ?

I do hope the golden boy gives Micky an hour at Granny s beauty parlor ?

Winner?- See the topic.

I am not so rich enough in RR2 to give treats although you can raid my base & take some gold for the beauty parlour fee. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hint: Go to Granny during Uber Granny days, it will be cheaper & may give some useful accessories.)