The Undying North: 1 vs Big 3 triumph

Today, what seemed to be the “impossible “happened.


The North Alliance, on a war season against the big three (SK: United Realms, Apocalypse and Roaring Lions) achieved the following:

  • Won 9 raids and lost 4 against the big 3.

As opposed to the:

  • Apocalypse who won 1 war against us and lost 2 (but still finished 1st)
  • SK who won 3 wars against us and lost 3 (but still finished 2nd)
  • And Roaring Lions who won 0 wars against us and lost 4.

On this hell of a war map, we won twice a 1vs 3 battle, against the top ranking alliances of the game. Apocalypse even claimed upon their first loss that they were holding back for the last round and that there’s no way we could beat them again. However, we have showed that with a strong team spirit, unity and determination everything is possible and that no one is unbeatable. On that specific “unbeatable" battle NA scored 300K skulls alone.


Thanks to all of our opponents who gave us a great challenging fight!


A special thanks to Odin (and some other children) from RL whose harassment against our member motivated us to give keep beating his alliance again and again.


But most of all, T hank You from the bottom of my heart to all of the North Alliance members that wrote RR2 History today! I’m proud to be among you guys J

All credit to NA, you did a great job there guys, well done.

Why don’t you say you always had loser bonus… 3rd day… 3 vs 5.6 and 3 vs 7.6 4th day 6.6 vs 9.7 5th day 6.5 vs 9.2… and I know you are a naughty kid evelthon… you often call your dad a CHILDREN…


Thank you Drum, very appreciated. Credits to your alliance too for being an excellent opponent as always. 


A true gentleman! SK brought a nail-biter to the very end!


I believe that an 1 vs 3 fight an equal disadvantage than the percentage bonus. In any case we have beaten you before without it, and we could repeat that again. 


Naughty kid is you Odin who likes to harass others with vulgar language, even if that person is a very fine LADY who never treated you the same. I don’t know how your dad calls you and I don’t care, I use the word children to show the CHILDish behavior of some members of the RL. There are some great guys there too, but people like you Odin are what made us furious. 


If the Roaring Lions didn’t have you on board, results could be very different now. But honestly , all of the gems I’ve spend when raiding your alliance where dedicated to how you spoke to our member. Hope next time you will watch out what you say.

Very good! Congratz.

Congratulations North !!  Hope more follow in your footsteps and align with you, seems you will need 2 more to join you to handle these arrogant Top thre  oh sorry , no longer Top 3 are we?   Thank god for Bonus its the only reason you won according to them, by the way - did you lose all your tiles on day 1 and 2?  I’ve never seen such terrible strategy, couldn’t SK have taken first if they attacked RL instead of NA ? Guess they wanted their daddy Apoc to win! Shame the kitties lose everything even with a gifted tile, oh the shame!


All three of them look like a Deer in headlights now - what just happened?  I’ll tell you - over confidence.

Congrats to North, nice job. Still, it also proves the futility of this nonsense called alli wars… fighting at its best, you end 4th with no war boosts (or did you beat RL by skulls, finishing 3rd (which I hope :wink:

Feeling with you, I experienced the same at the first top battle maps … decided finally for a more relaxed way of playing, my real life time is simply too precious to struggle along for just honor and pride in an online game.

How much did you spend, champs, shields, chests, scrolls ??? Was it worth it in terms of legendary chests ?? I m quite sure, not at all …

Still, nice effort, but hope your members can do something like that as well in real personal life where it counts for something :grinning:

Tell me when North beat us without loser bonus… don’t spread lie here… and how horkos and avery behaved … that was childish…



Adju’s guide on How to be a gentleman even if butthurt


So, your butt is very hurt by being handed a defeat at the hands of your sworn enemy. How should you reply to show graciousness in defeat? Let Adju show you how!!!


I’ll use a fictitious guy named “Odin”, who gave a beatdown to a fictitious guy named “Adju” (though this certainly did not happen in real life, lololololol):


Odin : Totally won! Against all odds!

Adju : Though my butt is hurt, I’ll just say that it is a bad case of hemorrhoids. Some Preparation H is in order for me. Congratulations, Odin!


Odin : Though they ganged up on us, we still managed 3rd place!

Adju : 3rd place is still 2nd place loser! Lololol. Just kidding, Odin! Congrats! We couldn’t even get third place. We at best got ‘turd place’ with the stinker of a fight we put up.


Odin : We actually had a majority of the victories against The Big 3!

Adju : Define ‘majority’! If by ‘majority’ you mean ‘the greater number’, that’s actually correct. I don’t know why I’m arguing this.


Odin : We won 3rd place even with a brutal gang beatdown!

Adju : It’s not that you won; it’s that we lost. That’s the important thing. We’re losers. Okay, that technically makes you winners, but I can’t call you that. Okay, you’re winners. I love you, buh bye!


Odin : I’m so ecstatic that we survived! That’s the truth and I’m not “lion”! lolololololol

Adju : If we could have gotten “North” of 300k skulls, we would have won. But we didn’t. I’m sure you guys are “Roaring” with laughter—well deserved!


Odin : We are the champions, my friends!

Adju : No time for losers, ‘cause you are the champions!

Laughing a lot with that nick lol DMYsyxS.jpg

Oh come on Odin congrats them, dont feel bitter.You complaint when they moan, now do what you expect them to do and take defeat like a man

Odin I did apologize for my facebook post. I was a bit upset and you’re right, it was childish. But at the same time, just say good job and accept it as it is. Talking about loser bonus makes little sense when the three of you very actively GAVE us that loser bonus. By attacking us every day of the war, you GAVE us that bonus. And then after you gave it to us, you guys attacked us again and again, as if you were going to beat us with loser bonus. Then you turn around and complain that we had loser bonus? How does that make sense man? Also, on the last day the difference in our bonus was a mere .8%


Explain this to me, I am actually asking of genuine curiosity. Why is it that you guys waited till the last day when the difference in our bonus was at its smallest, a mere .8% to decide NOT to attack us? Why did you attack us every day of the war, then when the bonus is almost nonexistent, you didn’t attack. I’m not accusing you of anything, I’m not trying to insult you, I actually want to know. Because that makes no sense at all.


Edit : Jewlmania, we take 3rd by skulls, RL takes 4th.

Well done North, loser bonus or not, give credit where credit is due !

This is also about great team effort and spirit of North, well done guys and girls :slight_smile:

Adju, you made me laugh soo hard… I really enjoy your posts :slight_smile:

I was going to bring up the same thing about loser bonus

As a member of North I’m happy with our success,(and yes third place on this map was a great success), but I hope we never have to face sk. rl. and apoc on the same map again. No one on these forums needs to be told how great those three alliances are, they are the end boss in every video game, they are the evil empire that the jedi have to overcome, they are the challenge that we all strive to beat. So much props to them.


Flare was the big winner here, we all scrolled and scrolled even against bases we could have beaten without scrolling because each battle was so important you couldn’t risk failing, with the skull towers releasing gargs you could lose your whole army instantly. We had life long free players break down and buy gems first time ever.


So props to sk,rl, and apoc, wish you guys knew what is was like fighting all three of you at the same time, my fingers are still bleeding, but if I see you all on the same map again I’m skipping that war :slight_smile:

Is it Childish

to post an opinion regarding the current war system?

Is it childish

for asking a change regarding the war mechanics?

Is it childish,

To say In my perpespective that 3 againts 1 is unfair and unjust?

Is it childish,

To complaint when something is not right and wrong?

Think Again