the update of Royal Revolt 2 on windows pc

   hello Flare Games , i am  a player of royal revolt 2 my IGN ‘’ Michel Anjello ‘’  , i have a problem is that i didn’t have the update 4.0 yet on my windows pc store is that’s mean the update available only for android and IOS  ? please give me an answer soon                      game : royal revolt 2             IGN : Michel Anjello   

  Many thanks ☺️

Go to download section. Hit get updates button. You will be able to get it. 

Perhaps you should send in a support ticket and give them all the info you posted here. Here’s the link:

@michel17 which version of Microsoft Store is this? I don’t remember have see something like this before. Look like Windows 8? Windows 8 still supported? Because Windows 10 look like this :



I have windows 10 on a pc, but still have no update.  The 4.0 update didn’t hit my Windows store til a few hours ago. I have tried opening the app a few times and there was no auto-download. It still said 3.9.2.  The Windows store has no button for updating or anything.  Am I missing something?  How am I supposed to het the update?  My team has all kinds of questions and I’m flying blind. ?



3 solution :

1.Manual via the page of the game

2.Click Get Update and Microsoft Store look all your apps if there is new update (In Download and Update) Settings set auto update. After a while Microsoft store will find it

If this 3 don’t work I don’t know

Thanks Warriornator!  I actually just figured it out myself.  I didn’t see the app on the list, bit found the “get updates” button and tried that. It worked!  Sorry, I’m used to Windows XP… I’m not very technologically advanced and these pesky app-based things are driving me nuts ?

Now to journey to this  new land of ours… ??