The use of catapults in an attack

Let me remind you, catapults - In ancient times: a device for throwing stones, barrels of fuel, etc., used in the siege of fortresses. So, why are catapults primarily attacking enemy units? This is not their purpose, in the attack they must first attack any enemy towers within their radius of destruction, then barricades and then enemy troops. Thank.

Why are there catapults in ancient greece to begin with? Something’s very wrong here.

(Threat detection prioritizes the thing coming to break your trebuchet over the thing that’s off in the distance and out of range. If you kill the enemy units in the way first, the trebuchets will attack structures. It’s not so hard, it just takes practice)


I still personally don’t like the AI of the treb/cat whatever it is supposed to be, have said this many times. In it’s current guise it loses most of its effectiveness as it doesn’t target buildings first. Makes it useless unless you have the ‘gigas’ blessing.

I truly think that when in defensive mode should target buildings no matter what even if a troop is closer. As currently there is no unit that can deal with long range nyx, and a treb should be better at that.

I used to use them a lot, but seeing as they have no real threat to the GK, and can’t deal with nyx that well, they are junk at the moment, so use other units.


Protecting trebuchet is the task of other units. The task of the trebuchet is, first and foremost, to eliminate the enemy defenses.


Protecting the trebuchets is your job, not other units. If you protect them they’re one of the most powerful units in the game. If you don’t they’re junk. If you leave it up to the other units you probably won’t be satisfied with the results.

I don’t think it was done this way intentionally, but ‘simple’ troop programming whereby all troops do the same thing have made it behave not how a siege engine has traditionally been used.

Its special attack clearly means to attack structures and thus makes it an inferior unit, as it rarely faces just defensive structures. maybe if they made its special attack modifiable for troop assault might be worth taking again, like throwing a poisoned horse carcass at archers…

It also appears to be magical and moves on its own power while getting burned by fire-breathing birds, so I think we’ve left the realm of historic siege engine tactics far behind us. Fact remains that you can completely neuter a defense if you micromanage trebuchets well.

In that case I want trebs with laser beams…


I think that’s what that spinning thing is for. They have laser beams, but they’re just for navigation like my roomba.


in a far away future it may be fun if we can combine some units like sit archers on minotaur (like the master-blaster combo in mad max >_<) or archers on griffin or phönix or maybe also archers and warrior on trebs. either s.t. the riders are protected by the bigger units or the trebs that those hop-on units protect its vehicle and stick to them. but this would be a huge change and not doable right now. i also dont know if it would kill the game mechanics, but i just imagine that it would be a funny thing :sweat_smile:

edit: in the very first warcraft game didnt some orcs ride on razorbacks granting them movement speed and when attacked the razors dies first and the orc could figth a little bit more? long ago, cant remember properly maybe.


and can make it possible to choose the right ammunition in catapults, before the fight you see what towers are and what they are resistant to and what they are not, so just adjust the ammunition, let the player exchange it before the attack like a rocket in aircraft:śmiać się:


That would be a fun trebuchet blessing. Cool idea!

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I just thought, why put up a lot of it, just load them with the right ammunition before the fight, this is part of the tactics, I never mindlessly attack, I look at the enemy path and think about the plan, what units to take, what spells etc. to adapt to the waves and the opponent’s towers and look what GK is resistant to, then I also choose the right invocation and it would be nice if you could match the ammunition in catapults before the fight. Thanks Texas These catapults can be equipped with ammunition with fire, poison, balls of ice and could also have something like a crossbow against individuals, only that they would shoot arrows with poison at warriors, mermaids, medusa etc. Add to this all the bleeding effect, it would look nice, make an impression, I think that a new force would arise in units that would be gladly used by everyone. :szeroki uśmiech:


I LOVE your idea! Especially when we can see that the Trebs throw … fire but only deal physical damage.

I agree. Just one thought: Treb shouldn’t lock on the Gate when in defense mode, there’s the GK …

I have tried this blessing, you know it. It just increase the range of Trebs, which has nothing to do with their behavior vs. troops and structures. I frankly didn’t notice any difference against the usual layouts.

Could you enlighten me with 1 example where the Gigas blessing really makes a difference?

I respectful disagree. They are not easy to use, which gives the impression that they are useless. One of the bests in my alliance relies on Trebs to take down the Nyx in the corner, since his best hero is Prom. Me too, I use Trebs to take down the Nyx and other towers. I can bring a horde of Trebs along with my Ajax to the GK. And there, they are far from useless. Top GK have full resistances anyway so physical or fire damage are the same. Trebs have 3X multiplier against GK (and hero), are out of reach of the GK and can’t be petrified. I use them with all my war heroes, even Cadmus.

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Some of the most popular Nyx maps right now are incredibly vulnerable to trebuchets, as long as you realize that you can’t just hit the AP button and expect the results you want.

It also makes a big difference if you have your trebs levelled up or not. A lot of people who complain about trebs being weak haven’t levelled them up (because they think they’re weak). So when they go to attack a max level nyx base with level 16 trebuchets, yeah, the trebs will probably be charmed before they kill the nyx. But using low level units against max level towers is usually a really bad idea. It doesn’t reflect on trebuchets themselves.

In short, trebs are good.


Ok sure they are use able but they get turned by nyx very quick, and the other accompanying trebs then take a few seconds to kill the one that turned, and then maybe another turns, etc, etc.
Most Gk’s or anyone with half an idea would go full phys resistance before any other elemental resistance as heroes and all troops do physical damage primarily, which is all trebs do. Their damage is very small compared to health of a GK.


They shred defenses if you use them right. They do require micromanagement, though, so if that’s not your thing you’re better off using different troop combos.

I have about 17% att bonus through oddessy alone + def % as I used to use them all the time, maybe now that GK’s are pretty weak they’ll have their place again with all heroes.
Still consider defence mode should target structures only, that alone would make a big difference.

I don’t know if they’re appropriate for all heroes. Some heroes take advantage of them better than others. They still shred defenses, but clearing a path for them with your hero takes practice.

I like trebuchets, but at the same time, there are other units I don’t like which plenty of people swear by. That’s why we have options. They’re not junk, though. They’re very powerful.

I agree that for average GKs there are many units that are much better than Trebs.

But say, vs. your GK Trebs would do more damage than Phoenix per morale (let’s not forget about their damage multiplier towards GK). To deal with the best GKs Trebs are part of the better units, imo. The problem is that they are not really suitable for full AP and need some micromanagement like @dumpster said.

Oh wait, I also use Archer and Hydra for all my 3 war heroes.

I know that Hydra is quite popular among the experienced players (and much much less for the rest), but Archer? I do believe that every unit has its usefulness in offense (or defense). They are there to be discovered, if we are willing to explore.