The value of things

It would be great to create a table with the values of things by levels. For example
131 levels 
green 11K-18K
blue 18K-25K

and so on

hi @ZuZuu i asked the dev for that in the november section - if they dont tell us, we can create such a list in the forum on our own…

but its better if they do it is always filled with the right values (for every level) and i’m sure they can generate/export such lists automatically without a lot of work… or they give us the correct formulas for min/max for base/perks



edit: oh … they have already answered and said no, they will not give us the values. they say too complicated, i say its an excuse.

Q: can you please give us the information in which ranges the values for the different base- and perk-attributes can drop out of chests, regarding ** to  their  color **?

I’m afraid we can’t easily give you this information; it’s not handled by a single calculation in-game, but a series of calculations and tables.

so, whatever: we would need one active forum member who creates a table and who is constantly editing it or can this also be shared or done in an wiki? (but maybe when max. lvl are reached again, otherwise for levels inbetween the time is too short …?)




edit 2: sorry, for those cross links… here what i suggested in