The Viking (with the Giant Sheild) should have a "Shield Aura".

The Viking (with the Giant Sheild) should have a “Shield Aura”!

It would be awesome to see a troop that reduced damage around him just by his presence. 

Further it’s pure stupidity that the Viking is Weak to both Piercing and Ice.  He has a giant shield that should give him a Resistance to Piercing!  And he is a Viking that should give him a resistance to Ice!  But more than that, why in hell do you create two units with the exact same weakness (Viking and Necromancer)! 

Obviously this needs to be fixed! 




obviously Viking is crap compared to other units with each moral.necro is awesome in defence nd crap is offence.instead of aura,why not reduce the number of attacks he is weak against?he is a 16 moral unit who can’t survive a wave of low moral units.

Yes ! I know that and I already suggested that and  FTB  replied also…


I think maybe what can solve the problem of Viking and problem of no defense in low and medium can be make vikings available after Pyromancer. This way low and medium will use them in defense.Also drop their morales at 6 or 7. So the problem i have write in topic Balance Changing Page 2. this will solve both problem. Viking will be used in offense and defense and will fix the low defense for low and medium player

Vikings are too weak to be after Necromancer but I consider just enough after Pyromancer. Switch Viking order

I beat you to it!

I suggested it December last year!  ?

I’m just reposting it under its own heading now.