"The Villain"? Really?

Have you gotten so lazy you can’t even name your villain!  I’ll prove that anything is better than “The Villain”!


BOB :  The Leader of the Ninjas… The comic Ninja Lord battling his way across the high seas in a pirate fleet. 
Good name, makes sense.

ASHOAKAHOREM :  The feared Warlord, Leader of the invisible Ninjas who swept over the Seven Seas and took the Known Earth by Storm, a Warlord with only one enemy to defeat: You! 
Again good name.

58 :   A Man or Creature known only by the number 58.  58 the number of souls absorbed into this immortal.  58 the years he lay dead before his consciousness returned to the earth. 
Even a  number works!


As I have attempted to clearly demonstrated literally anything would have been better than what you did calling him “The Villain”. 

It was like sending us an Untitled Document, or unwrapped gift!  Thanks a lot!

Funny yet true… so not so funny in a way…


Maybe they should do contests for this they did for the ninja bit so one for the name would be good.

Maybe shinigami

Death god in Japanese


Flare is the person behind the Villain mask

Ashoakahorem is an awesome name  

The name should be the ninja master.