The voucher system, how does it entirely work?

I’ve been gone for a few days so can you guys please fill me in on how it works…


… badly!

I get that but can you explain how it works XD

You share your code via social media/ and if someone adds your code and starts playing the game you will get a small amount of vouchers each time they level up. It supposedly starts out as 1 per level but as they get higher goes to 21 but this is very buggy and some are reporting getting 0 from a friend level up and or getting 1 from a high level player leveling up or getting 21 from a low level player leveling up.


You can only ever add one persons code per game. The very 1st time you add the code you get 150 vouchers which is 50 gems if you want to convert them into gems.

Ok thanks jason

where I find my code,which I can sent to a friend.