The War Map Improvement

So I just had an idea! The war map appears only when the war starts, not giving you a whole lot of time to know which alliance is the best to attack. My suggestion is that instead of coming up at 10AM EST (3PM in Germany), it should appear 1 hour earlier. This way generals can discuss the best team to attack, without having to rush and risk either having less attacks or not winning a war because of it

That sounds good.

But I would like to add one thing more in War Map Improvement but in my post.



What Flare can do and can bring more fun to alliance wars its like @AwesomestKnightest suggest but like Olympus Rising, 1 day of preparation. 1 day to forge your stuffs,level up your stuffs,etc… I am pretty sure 1 preparation day will make a huge difference in War result