The War Map Improvement

Currently we have war map like Three fiefdoms in a bunch at certain position. By this, Sometimes a better alliance is unable to get chance of better position in war (May be or may be not).

It would be better if every team’s fiefdoms are shuffled ( Of Course in an logical/systematic way ) so that each alliance is connected to every other alliance in war map.

This way each alliance would get chance to attack every other alliance(if they want) and the Best will win.


Yeah the best will win, and it’s not based on the luck of where you land on the map

The War Map should be a little more large and the Alliance should be placed in corner and the middle 5 fiefdoms will be empty. The one who wants to take the middle one will be on defense mode and must defend for 1 day the first alliance who will declare the War against them. If everyone take one and nobody have attack then the day 2 everyone will fight each other and so on. Better action and more fun assured

It’s just an improvement and that of war map only.

So creators could make change in it easily, well but without any bugs.