The wave button

I don’t exactly know the name of the button in the castle guard that auto-fills the waves, is it supposed to fill the waves in that fits best for your base

I think it puts random units in wave.

Yes, it fill the waves completely full randomly.

But probably the staff could make an “intelligent” random-make waves according to the level of troops!


Agreed. Not a high priority for now. But worth looking into. Thanks for the feedback.

Why don’t we just get the staff to maximise our tower placements and troop types for us too while they are about it? The game is about us as individual making choices and learning the what’s best and how to make best use of it.


I’d rather have the opportunity to save a wave set up so I can alternate as and when I wanted to, swapping them in and out is time consuming, the same goes for a path set up, the ability to swap between two would be good.


This idea has also been floating around for a while and I think it’s great. People have also suggested the ability to save certain defense layouts. This is also something we might look into.

i personally think it would be usefull to low ranked players but top players need a bit of precision in their waves that im sure wont be matched by this button lol so fear not drum


I agree…Level, as well as the power of your troops, is important! Maybe you prefer to use and to upgrade one type of “warrior” that not fit your “according level” suggested by Flare…of course, the Flare’s made waves are only a suggestion…

Honestly I’m surprised people actually replied :wink: