The Weird, Awkward, & Funny

Here you can share below some actual players that have weird, funny or even awkward game names. I find it amusing how some players actually brand themselve’s within the game sometimes. 


Ex. There is this player that i used to attack frequently when i was still low in the ranks and his name was " Sexualharasman "


Like seriously ? 



I would wake up in the morning check into the game and it would say " You have been attacked by sexualharasman lolol  :lol:





Just thought i’d share  :wink:

I think that is not a good idea…

Definitely there are some funny and awkward names out there, but I guess we shouldn’t make fun of players here.

Also there are words and names that might have different meanings in different languages and countries - even if your example might not fall under that category - so I guess a lot of misunderstandings might play a role there…

Moreover, in general I think no player should be publicly exposed in a negative way (and making fun of one’s name is quite negatively for many people), especially not without permission of that player. Furthermore, some players might just have chosen their real life name, and I guess everyone deserves a chance to stay Anonymous (pun intended) :grinning:

Thanks for your understanding, and feel free to laugh about any funny ingame names you encounter in private! :slight_smile: