The Wheel of Fortune

Since we know that choosing the right chest is based on our luck percentage isn’t picking a chest sort of moot?
If we are going to get a wrong or right chest it doesn’t matter what chest we picked. There is percent chance of what comes out of that chest adjusted by our luck gear/bonus. If I choose the chest in the top right corner and a laughing skull pops out of a chest that skull would have popped out no matter what chest I picked. It is like a dice roll made in advance.
Wouldn’t mind seeing a spinning wheel instead being operated by a top hat wearing skeleton.
Click the GO button and round and round it goes.

seems like a great idea… I would like to see the spinning wheel… Votes have not been released from the previous topics, so I dont have votes left… But I would vote for this…

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Thank you for your reply to my suggestion, GrimScythe.
And instead of it saying Give Up, it could say Return to your Kingdom.
Because we won the raid, that is why we made it to the chamber of fortune.
Why are being forced to submiting to giving up? We already won, it’s an unwarranted insult.
The way it is insults the player’s intelligence, and turn them off from the game.
I love this game, and I want lots more people to play and stay. But, the Chamber of Fortune, as it is, is a mess. I am sure it causes people to leave. Little things like this can make a big difference.