Hey flare games I have a suggestion of a new spell I.e THE WIND SPELL.

this spell can be used in straight path only,I mean it does not have any affect on sideways.

When hero use this spell,then all the enemy army upto say 3 path tiles pushed away from the hero upto 6 to 7 path tiles.

Although this spell does not affect any tower but it can push any enemy and monsters including boosted ones…

This can prove to be major spell because first it gives you chance to recover,second it can save you from attacks of boosted monsters if more than two are attacking at the same time.also it will gives chance to recover other spells too…

I think the game is not able to recognize a straight path to use a spell in a specific moment, i prefer your spell like a general spell to use in other way for example that wind spell could be use to slow down enemies for few seconds (like froster’s slowdown withouth froster’s ice around for example) only slowdown speed not fire-rate! , so:




  1. Versus enemies the Wind Spell will slowdown enemies speed;

  2. Versus ally the Wind Spell will speed up speed of ally troops of 5-10%;


This kind of characteristics will work together when you use this spell so this is my idea and theory of Wind Spell.



@opelle-dude there are already frosters and blizzard are present as ice,we do not need any third ice power…we are in need of something different from the existing ones…and for your first line I guess some serious coding can make that happen…

I noticed that i wrong writing fire-rate instead of speed, i will edit the post above, however, i wrote only slowdown speed at start of post so has the feature that wind spell wants, so attack rate remains unchanged.

This mine idea of wind spell has nothing with ice: the example of froster was only to understand the animation in-game after use of that spell.