TheHeavyWarriors Recruitment

TheHeavyWarriors - Alliance Level 10 - English Only - Hero Level Requirement: 50+

Alliance Name: TheHeavywarriors


Alliance Level:   lvl 10


Alliance Leader-board: 20,026


Requirements to join:

  • Minimum donation amount-age: 100K+
  • I accept all people with 1000 trophies or above
  • Hero level requirement: 50+


War rules: You must have at least 1 battle in for the war event. If I see you do not before the battle ends you will be kicked.

General Rules: Basically, Just don’t insult people without a reason. Other than that go nuts.


Motto_: We are a few, But we are a strong few.’_


You look cool, but I think to level up quicker and have better defenses, I’d suggest having basic rules for participating in wars and ninja events. It really helps to have active players that will help you earn new boosts!

Noted, Been trying to pass dungeons and do free events from tapjoy to get gems faster but it’s a chore. [I have phone and PC]