Theoretically speaking,

Theoretically speaking, you can actually avoid ever being attacked.

You see, nobody can attack you when you’re online. Ergo, if you even so much as tap the screen every 30 seconds, you’re safe.

The only time when people can attack you while you’re online, is during alliance wars. However, if your alliance drops below 4 members during alliance wars, you’re automatically kicked out.

So theoretically, it is still possible never to be attacked, and to gain trophies indefinitely.

Hi Sentinel,


Yes, Interesting idea. but this one is not exactly new and has been neutralized.


It would be most interesting for gold rather than trophies. I think that most players that reach high enough levels realize that trophies are a “curse”.

It can be a badge of honour, but it is also something that will give you harder matchmaking opponents.

Unless you are set a personal goal to have a high ranking and have a maxed out based and no use for gold, trophies are mostly useless. 

If you are the average player dropping 500 trophies of so below your max is often the best way to raid.


Specifically regarding being online all the time, If you search the board your will find some info on this including this one:

I am not sure what the resolution was in this case. But some people have know to used “auto touch” type application in the past.

The game now kicks you out after some time if you have not made any attacks and you cannot log back in for a few minutes.

As a leader, this has caused problem for me at least once during a war. As I was online a lot to organize/coordinate without attacking.

I got kicked out and could not log back in. I ended up giving instructions via instant messaging instead.


Looking forward to your next interesting/creative idea. 




Knight Gallant

About the coordination thing, I find that hilarious xD It’s always funny when machines don’t know the difference between things.

And that’s a really interesting, and supposedly effective, way to keep people offline 0: I don’t know, is it interrupted if you test your own base?

And yes, I meant after Spells etc are maxed. You don’t necessarily need a max base if no one can attack you~ ;D Plus, when it comes to Gold, Alliance Wars don’t matter. Nobody can steal gold from you via alliance war. Believe me. I’ve been torn between gold and skulls before :'3

Once again, thank you for an insightful post! ^.^



I never tested if it resets by attacking yourself. Good idea!!!

We should test between wars. For now, I have resorted to attacking at least once per hour just in case.


Regarding gold, if you have a decent number of workers, and are not a very active raider (being a leader sucks), you will find yourself starved for gold.

If I do not get help from my team, I never have enough time to raid to keep my 10 slackers busy.


Heed my warning. Don’t focus on trophies. I know it is counter intuitive. Just trust me.

In a war, you can easily get 1000 dropped trophies back in a single day. (between attack and defense) 




Knight Gallant

I know what you mean. What I enjoy most about the wars, is the gems >=D

Personally, I just bite the $2 bullet to get 3 day gold shields.