There is a problem with the blacksmith's free chest

please solve that why don’t you let me claim the blacksmith’s chest


Hi Rick,
The picture and what you describe seem to be unrelated? Could you give more details please?

I think you already opened a topic in the bug section. Or do you want to share feedback?

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I think what he is talking about is that after you purchase the rune chest with gold or pearls, the “free” Uber rune chest unlocks even though it is not supposed to. However if you click on it to try and get it, it kicks you from the game.

Update: when I got the chests today, the Uber chest did not unlock. Maybe this bug was fixed on last server maintenance? I also updated to latest iOS a day or two ago so that might have fixed it also.

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Alright, if you are correct and that is the bug reported, we are aware of that. It will be fixed in the next version (needs code changes).
Please note that the bug usually only happens when the free rune chest is not immediately collected. After the disconnect the chest should be there though. Hope this helps!

I get disconnected when I pick up the blacksmith’s free chest