there is no longer the great deals gems?

I say, it’s been over six months since I’ve seen such a promotion, nor in my kingdom and also with realms of my friends, anywhere except with beginners kings. Where are the great deals gems ???

After some amount of gems bought, you dont get any good offer anymore.

What level are you?

Flare decided that after level 85 or do you will never get any more good gem deals…

I’m level 91 and just got a 30% discount offer on the 20K package this morning. I usually buy this package as it’s the most cost effective. I waited a good week before this was offered. You might say lucky me, but, I wasn’t offered a deal whilst the Defense Event was on despite having less than 50 Gems during the Event.

During the Event, I had to buy the 20K package at full price as I needed the Gems to speed up the upgrade process. I suspect others had to do the same.

Yup only small % on biggest pack… no half price on all after about level 85


Another way flare discriminates :slight_smile:

amazing, so unworthy. select players and occasions to send these promotions, which were on equal terms for all.

Yes typical flare… same as they only show package deals to people who dont have enough gems…


If you already buy gems you wont get offer. thats how much flare cares about their customers :slight_smile:

If you know about the package behavior (which you only do after reading at the right places),

you can adapt and get all the packages you want without spending money. I even got the

worker package this way. It helps to save vouchers for gems, gem dungeons, quest rewards

and tapjoy gems.


If you have too much gems: spend them on your alliance tower at the allance party :grinning:


No solution for the gem deals though …