There is nothing to do in this game

As a new player you simply cannot do anything in the game after 10 minutes, no ambrosia, no enemies, no gold… if this is the goal of the game, just to require money to play, then fine. 
If not, there has to be added something, some secret things maybe, like some spots that appear on the sea randomly or on the shore of your island that you can collect, or monsters that appear that you can fight without ambrosia… something like that, I spent money to buy the starter pack because I was impressed of the game in the first moment, but now I regret it, there is simply nothing to do, you can play 2 minutes every few hours but that was it… 

Hello Tzogos!

Did you have a look at the Beginner’s guide to manage your Ambrosia in a more efficient way?


Hi Tzogos,

I agree with you that it is hard to find and save enough Ambrosia to attack other islands. I would follow tips that Aether posted, it will help you a bit.

In addition, every game is same. They want you to spend money from time to time, there is nothing free bud. 

I think this game is fun to play and I hope developer will listen their customers opinions on improving game. 



Yes I looked at it, but seriously, it’s actually not a help, you don’t need a guide to understand this things. And the main reason I was searching for a guide at first, was that I simply couldn’t believe that there is no way of producing more ambrosia, I thought there has to be some trick, but there isn’t. 
I gathered 150 ambrosia all night, what can I do with that? 2 Battles!! If I’m lucky and get some back from the chests then 3, but that was it! Then I have to wait again a half day to repeat the process. I really want to play this game, but there is nothing you can play, you log in and there is nothing to do because you wait 5 hours to gather some ambrosia to go for 1 battle. 

Hi again,

150 all night, that is very very low. Keep your heros on the islands that produce Ambrosia.



I’m a fairly new player, started yesterday and my maximum production is 150. 

For me the constant lack of ambrosia was the reason to just move on to other games.
Sure, with constantly managing Ambrosia (look above: there’s even a guide for it!), it’s possible to play a bit.

But do I want to play a game of managing Ambrosia? No, I want to attack!

I didn’t even feel like fighting against my opponents, because it always was like I’m only fighting against the game (which tries to keep me from playing). There’s just no fun in that.

But it also has a good side: It keeps me coming back here to check for Ambrosia-Complaints! Funny thing is that’s even more entertaining than playing the game (or more precisely waiting for playing) was… :smiley:

Note to the “nothing is free” from above: True, but here the price seems way to high for what you get (at least for me). Usually the “incentives to pay” show up way more prominently after you played a while and really got attached to the game. If it already starts like this I don’t even want to know how bad it will become later on…

My third day in this game, besides the ambrosia problem, more problems appear to me now, which results in even less activity. On 3 of my Islands, there are sitting opponents, one of them 6 Levels bigger than me, the 2 other have divine blessing. I can’t beat any of them, so I’m sitting and looking at the screen and now I really Can’t Do Anything. Also the gold income and prices for upgrades is a joke… 

Played this game for a week now and actually feeling the same^^ 

you can’t fight a lot of players because they are up to 12 lvls ahead with full blessings. I don’t have problems with ambrosia because i can’t fight them anyway :wink:  

i’m currently lvl 39 and rank ~ 100 with 2450 trophies. You only gain them by making a good defense. Defend your island doesn’t need you to play. So i just play half an hour maximum per day because ican’t do anything. It’s getting more boring day after day. I really enjoyed this game, but it’s hard to stay there.

mfg Timmey

Have to agree. It’s becoming more and more boring every day. I don’t mind using gems to buy equipment or new power slots for heroes and/or buying Ambrose but if the only way to win is to use gems (had to use 14 in last match since he had alliance power ups) then it’s a problem. Almost everyone around has boosts on or is much higher level.


Other notable issues:

-Lack of social interaction  for MMO 

-no ability to watch replays; would be nice to see my defense at work

-Again, needs increased appearance of enemies (maybe I can remove all of my defenses to allow enemy to storm in so I am beat them after?)

Good Points Baloch. It’s a game with much potential and nobody wants to leave, but if nothing changes I guess there will be no long term players… 
I wouldn’t go for any game to write in a forum, but this game has something special, I hope the game changes for the players. 

I love this game and Ambrosia management is a key part that I like. this give a good pace to this game according to my life. I don’t want a game that you have to be connected and still fighting the whole day. 


I have planned my ascension to be never out of ambrosia and to be abble to make about 10 fights per day. Im not a big gems spender, only take the daily gem chest offer but I have to do lot of things : 


  • test my defense

  • plan my build order 

  • improve my hero skill and tricks fightting (there is a lot)

  • manage my ambrosia stock ^^


but I agree that the game isn’t mature enough, need some great feature to still remains. But the balance of this game is very good I hope next feature don’t break it

Flare needs to give the option to attack (raid) other player bases not only those island and make some kind of tournament to earn gems… without that this game, that could be awesome, gets boring… 

As of right now, I can play as much as I want and I have always something to do, early game is still tough, you don’t have gold, you don’t have Ambrosia.

I’m a month in and it’s very frustrating. There’s very few people to attack and they’re spread across island groups so it costs hundreds of ambrosia to get to them, assuming I can even take them on since they’re often 10 Ascension levels and 1000 trophies above me with 3-5 blessings. It’s also frustrating how rare it is to get descent items without spending gems all the time (since the legendary chest I bought a week ago gave me an item that is now worse than a green item from a random battle). So if I’m lucky I get to attack two people per day, so instead I attack myself (“test my defenses”) 10 times per day since that’s the only way I actually get to play the game