There must be a way

At level 141 I have been looking for the same few cards for over 100 levels or about a year. Can you come up with a trade or target system in which we can actually get something relevant to our present in deck cards. The only three I can’t seem to get are; Sentenal, Witch and Thief of Time. How long must we wait?

Wrong forum mate. This is the Royal revolt forum  :grinning:

I think you’re looking for the Evoker forum

Thief of Time though… Sounds like a great time warp unit. There aren’t any units that have time warping skills, like a mini version of the scroll. Might be cool

Although, that would ruin the Rift Warp Mummy Boost

Make that a bit longer. Mummies also stun and have decent health/attack too, which the thief of time may not

take time to check each forum section. Royal Revolt don’t sound like Evoker. is far the same. Royal Revolt is Royal Revolt and Evoker is Evoker. I guess we can expect you have create this during night without any light and you have forgot your glasses. Next time take care of each section they are named correctly : Royal Revolt, Olympus Rising, Non Stop Knight,Evoker,etc…