There should be more chests in alliance wars

i think 80k (in 3days war) and 60k (in 2days war) vps are pretty low as a final chest point for hard players in titan league.

My suggestion is not more titan chest. I think a chest worth more than the titan chest should be added to the game. For example, the color may be white and the name may also be Gaia Chest. the content should only consist of titan items. I think the number of them can be 5 or 6. at least one of them can be a 5* titan. there are also lots of green and blue chest at spoil chart. green ones can be reduced.


Just so I understand this correctly, you want even more stuff for a league that already is rewarded with the best war blessings and seasonal rewards… TL already receives double the gems of GL, but you want more stuff? Yeah… such a fantabulousically amazingness awesome idea :man_facepalming:

I don’t know if I support Guray’s idea, either, but you could have said something like “Another chest would be fun for all leagues, nice idea!”

Personally, I think there are plenty of chests to open. I’m always bumping up against the item limit. But if there was a new kind of chest that had something different in it, like skins or decorations, that would be a lot of fun.


personalising the heroes appearance would definitely be a nice touch!


Yeah, I agree with skins or decor… but having another OP chest that furthers the already significant divide is ludicrous

In my opinion, the number of chests is fine, only there could be better rewards, increasing the number of chests badly would affect the morale of good and medium players, because now they are fighting to the end of the battle to get the last chest, which is good for turnout in alliances, an additional chest would be obtained by few players, and those weak ones would start to let go because they would know that they have no chance for the last chest, which could translate into the outcome of the wars

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gz for beeing top of top.
compared e.g. with god league imho you are therefore already rewarded with

  • additional 4k gems, you have 8k saison gems reward in total (not counting additional gems from beeing attacked). so if you have propper gear and dont need gems you can buy chest offers or also reduce forging time. in addition the prolongation of heavenly boosts is also equal to all alliances. and in GL (sometimes also in TL) if you have a good defense you often get 0 attacks.
  • extra buffs and also an additional saison chest (you can call it gaia chest if you like to)
  • in TL you are able to fight against lots of lvl150 players (not all of them have good defenses, some even manipulate theirs or even just switch high skull island for bonus VP and torches - alone due to this fact there should not be an additional chest). but speaking now of more high level players available you automatically get more VP compared to other legagues. e.g. in GL you often cannot make more than 95k-100k even if you play the highest possible island and oponents from top down everyone with 100% simply bc there are not so many high lvl oponents and VP calculation does only consider this and skulls. or do you suggest different VP levels for different leagues? (ofc this would not be good also)
  • edit: and dont forget the chaos gate compared to e.g. GL :joy: oh how i miss this buff :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

so gz again for beeing part of a top alliance and be happy of what you already have. :man_shrugging::+1:

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There are just as many level 149/150 players in god’s league, and the defenses are probably easier on average. I agree with your other points, though.

its just an additional point to be considered. there are quite a few where there are just few above e.g. lvl147. the longer and more important an island is the more effect you have.
in addition if your alliance gets avoided to beein attacked bc you are the alpha dog on the place you dont have to fight on lower skull islands. it just sums up beeing part of a top alliance - ofc you might also have higher demands from your members. so personally idk much if you would get additional stuff as long as FG does not raise perk-caps (they are high already…) or whatever s.t. players coming from lower leagues or do not play as long (in titan or in game) as some do have a realistic chance to catch up and beat also top guys - which is possible atm but requires hard work too.


maybe in total of the league but for sure not equal distributed within the single alliances. but i agree: e.g. 12 high level players per alliance would be enough, but they are just not there. and maybe those best players from GL alliances have even better defenses than the weakest lvl150 players from some (but definitely the best) TL alliances. :man_shrugging:

Maybe. Some titan league alliances only have 10 or 12 level 150 players. There are probably more lower level players at the bottom of the roster on gods league alliances, though.

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