There should be some sort of reward for skull count.

Houston, we have a problem. This past War Season, everybody and their grandma seemed to want to attack us. Literally for 3 days straight, we were fighting on 4 fronts against alliances equally as strong if not stronger than us. And I get that skull count is meant to be a tie-breaker, but there really does come a point when you need to compensated for your stress.

Namely, I believe that every skull you get above your leading competitor, should convert into 10 gold at the end of the season. So for example, we would get about 2Mil gold. Pumped into the alliance. Someone who just barely won by 100 skulls, may get 1k pumped into their alliance. That’s really not much. Consider that you get 750 skulls from one opponent; that’s only 7,500 gold into the alliance. So it’s not asking asking for much.

I feel that this would reward alliances for their stress, and also encourage them to use tactics that encourage more battles. Kind of a high risk, high return sort of thing. Because right now, it seriously sucks for the alliances that get bullied :c

We should be able to drink the skulls of our enemies!!!


For every skull you Crush, your health increases by 0.001% (Example you crushed 2500 skulls this battle, your bloodthirsty King gains 2.5 increase in HP!)


Also for every skull you Crush, your damage increases by 0.00025% (Example you crush 2500 skulls this battle, your vampirism Absorbs 0.625 Damage for you King!)


Muahahaha also like every battle you can gain like what, 1-3 HP, 0.5 Damage!!! 

Haha, I wish! xD But that would make some people super OP •~•

I think this would be useful, something like 1 gold for the alliance’s donations or 10 gold to your own treasure for each skull you earned, that would be ok and would encourage players to help in the war.

Why not every 1000 Skulls, you get 1 Gem?

or Every 100,000 Skulls, you get 1 Inventory Slot?

or Every Skull, you get 1000 gold ?

or Every 1000 Skulls, you get 1 leadership?

or Every 2000 Skulls, you get 1 pearl?


I can keep this going easy XD