These forums are pretty...

dead… I joined not long ago but from what I see since I joined until now… not much life around here… Maybe it’s due to holidays… or am I wrong? The LF Alliance/Members threads are pretty deserted… and it is so hard to recruit players in the game when there is no means of communication with random people… One can’t help but feel quite… isolated… not good if you ask me…



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Post more!


Tell us your 5 favorite heroes!

Hmmmm let’s see…

  1. Perseus

  2. Ajax

  3. Hercules

  4. Ariadne

  5. None…

Least favorite hero, no doubt, Helen of Troy… I don’t like her at all ?


See! Posting is easy! I do it all day long!

Just start fun threads about whatever. 

Which are YOUR favorite heroes, @dumpster?

I like Cadmus, Athena, Ariadne, and Helen the best, and from time to time I like to play with Herc and Achilles!

hi Guys :heart:


I just wanted to say hello to the “mortals” (hahahaha) and we are preparing for the war: P - my favorite heroes are artemide - ulisse and arianna

yea, war incoming, looking forward! :wink: won our last 3 :wink:

good … the wars are very beautiful - if you are low level check the missions - that there are gems to win with alli wars.if I remember correctly - 4 war of fina are 1000 gems

for all members ally :stuck_out_tongue:  


Missions? I might have missed that… where can I see those?

if you go on the “letter” you give a list of missions, both personal and alli, if I’m not mistaken is called Marathon

The Quests list next to the Wars Button, top center?

yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t see nothing but the regular quests… maybe they pop up when war starts. Will keep an eye out.