Things i would like to see in the game

1- Quallity of life : Confirm button on scrool use on ressurection to keep us from misscliking, ( Maybe it can be turned of and on in the settings for those who dont want it ). Diffrent Defense base layouts ( For example one of your boost runs out and your base isnt viable anymore ) It could maybe be selected in the castle gate. A low price mode for Granny you can turn on and off ( Example 50% cheaper but worse items ) for melting down items when you dont have any.

2- Blacksmith : Forging to Pals ( Beasts to extend although if that would bring balance issues i undrastand ). Forging to the Castle Gate ( After a cerntain level ) potential perks i would like to see Damage, Health, and something else. Also i would love to see the cap for forging on normal stats removed like being able to forge units health up to infinity with no deminishing returns ( Not for unique Perks like attack rate range ) i would like it for Damge, Health, And Leadership ( For the hero ) it would be great. Maybe to compansate where the previous cap would exist there would be an increse in cooldown.

3- Building levels - I would like to see a few maybe a couple of levels added to Farms and Taverns. Perhaps a new house in the outer part of the Kingdom and perhaps generates pearls maybe 1 per day just like the one that gives gems. I also would like to see more Castle Gate Levels coming soon with a couple of extra towers and an obsticle. And maybe perhaps a building dedicated about pals i dont know what it will do but it will be cool

Thank you for taking the time to read this - Harisgok ( Not all of these ideas have to be added ) Tell me if you agree

Wow, surprisingly I agree with almost every one of these! I would love to be able to have the option to turn on or off a Confirm button for scrolls and would love EVEN MORE, the ability to forge your pals!

Or simply being able to unequip scrolls.

Either way, quite good ideas (some were suggested long before but to no avail). Forging pals/beasts would be fun but would throw all balance out the window. Not sure why gate forging isn’t a thing though, seems logical with everything else being forgeable.

@JiggleFizziks, if we had forged Castle Gate’s we’d be able to have the time to destroy all the gate towers!

Well you would have time to destroy towers if your target decided to forge the gate. Considering how the strategy for gate towering is “max snake/basilisk at gate, gate itself at minimum” followers of the method would just not forge gate, so it would change nothing for them. But everyone else could make their gate hold out that 1-2 seconds longer, just long enough for the attacker to run out of time (or the attacker would have to ignore towers to make it in time).

Either way it would be interesting.