Things I've always wanted to know about players and alliances

Things that baffle me to this day:


  1. What does “Nuovalpeas” mean? New peas?
  2. What does “SK” really stand for? Some say “Strong Kings”, but I think it would be a lot more fun if it meant “Soup Kitchen” or “Stunning Kittens” or “Starlight Kangaroos”.
  3. What does “turk gucu” mean, and why was the name abandoned?
  4. Why can’t the VN players sit still in our alliance for more than 5 minutes before they leave? Is there a giant game of “Who can get in the most Alliances?” out there that I am oblivious to? Do we smell bad? If so, how bad and is it because of all the fried chicken we keep in the HUNS refrigerator?
  5. Can anyone explain what all the major Russian alliance team names mean? Again, I hope they mean stuff like “I like Batman” rather than boring things like “Russian Federation”. No one would ever name their alliance that anyway, right? :grinning:
  6. Does anyone want to give all their strong players level 90+ to HUNS? (Okay, not really a mystery, but a shameless plug. lololololol)


Anyone want to take a stab at these questions? If so, you get 25 HUNSpoints redeemable at the HUNS ticket counter.



Türk gücü means Turkish power. For your 4th question , VN players mostly stay in Vietnamese alliances only. As soon as they get an invite from any of them , even low level ; they jump.

The name abandoned because it was hard for türk gücü to recruit outside of there nationality.

And yes , sk means stronk kings , not strong :grinning:

SK is sexy kitten lol

OK, Blookie, your challenge is picked up.


Other alliances names that need some explanations:

  1. Sailor Jerrys Kids… One “the terrible” leader and 40 kids… Wow, this Jerry sailor really knows how to have fun each time he returns ashore…

  2. Thai small room (Not enough place for all?)

  3. Retired Only (no comments…)

  4. Power of Weed (this one is my favorite… Good stuff guys)

  5. Metalheads (Hmm…)

  6. X X L (members are accepted by their T-shirt size?)


And a contest:

A G&M 50 vouchers and a free visit to our alliance is offered to anyone who guesses why Genie & Master is called so.

100 G&M vouchers + free visit is offered to the one who guesses from which TV series the Genie & Master idea came from (that’s a tough one).

I know it’s not a series, but I feel it’s a trick question and G&M is really based on Aladdin.

Wrong answer Vester… :slight_smile:

Think you are too young to know the TV series we are talking about.

I’ll give you a thick hint… Try seeking the internet for an actress named Barbara Eden.

I ll give you the answer if you give me some bread for next war instead of vouchers

No soup for you. You didn’t say the magic word…

how about…i dream of genie…

with barbara eden maybe

GypsyRose, you got it almost 100% right! :slight_smile:

But you have misspelled the Genie.

It’s: I dream of Jeannie…


So, you get a free invitation to Genie Master. No GM vouchers, because of the misspelling…

Now that would mean that ed dreams of being genies master… Does that mean g & m is a whipping alliance ?

We are a magical alliance, populated by Genies and Masters…