Things that could help save RR2

It seems that many players are leaving the game for one reason or another, (I am one of them, so maybe I shouldn’t even be posting). I’d like to make a couple of suggestions that may help revive RR2 now that I have gone. I am sure others will have a few thoughts as well, so feel free to add to this post.


Gems for scrolls


Currently the way that wars are at high level many kings will scroll at a base that out of war they would probably try to scroll free, the loss of skulls is too great to take the chance. Most bases can be taken down by fairly untalented higher level kings using a higher number of scrolls. In the past I have had some people use 10 scrolls to win at my base, this gained me a whole scroll (10 gems) to use in my attacks!! I suggest the gem to scroll ratio is radically changed, make it a 50/50 cut between FG and the defending king. What difference will this make, well FG will still get a goodly sum of gems for nothing, but a defending king will get a scrolls worth of gems for every two scrolls used against him/her. This will advantage the higher skilled player as they will use less scrolls to win in general and add some much needed balance to the game and probably revitalise the alliance wars.  


The Blacksmith (or gem/pearl thief)


The failure rate is far too high, as is the reoccurrence of an item you have just paid to remove. In terms of the failure rate, fine make the chance of failure greater as the item is forged more often, but don’t increase the cost of forging, that is just greed a double whammy pay more to fail more!!! As for reoccurring perks, maybe once you have removed a perk (with gems of course) show the next perk prior to forging, (make sure its a different one!!!), if the king doesn’t want it let them pay (gems again) to remove it and so on until they are happy to forge. When I last tried the blacksmith (last week before I left) I removed a Life Drain, paid 88 pearls 9 (yes NINE) times (792 pearls) to get a successful forge only to be give life drain again and the joy of waiting for several days for the item to cool and for me to try and get rid of it again.


These are just two things of many many that have been highlighted over the last few months on here, as I said I am sure there are many more suggestions from others that can help, please feel free to add sensible gameplay suggestions to this post. 



What Drum said.



And Flare is very stingy with creating new content- I’m mean NEW content, not messing up all the time with stats or adding more levels for eveything - focusing only on Alliance Wars which took all the fun out of the game even,  evenif you try to fix one thing you create 5 more problems, vicious circle, more players are furstrated and more will leave.


Even the next update (daily rewards) won’t fix anything. Daily rewards is something every game has. Again, lack of creativity.

You forget remove skulls in CoF, remove skull perk and preferably even remove loser bonus. This war is the first one we see skull perk in all it’s glory, and it’s a truly large game decider. For example, a teammate earned over 600 skulls more than I did, while I finished all the top guys. You can imagine how much of an advantage that is if your alliance got lucky and/or is rich.


As I said the moment the video about the Blacksmith was released, this isn’t fun and this isn’t fair, remove that bullshit.



Exactly. Manipulating with skulls isn’t any good. Alliance Wars are only about having random skull boost and a lot of gems to spend. No skills, no fun. It kills the game.


Regarding skull perks - if I could chose a perk and pay a lot of gems/pearls for it I would do it but instead perks are so random. One person is lucky to get 3 different items with skull perk, another person (me)  can’t get a single one although boosting a lot of items and spending huge amount of pearls and gems.



This is the problem of the game. Game is only focused on Alliance Wars which are completely random wars, frustrating players. So once you are fed up with this stupid system you are forced to leave the game because there’s nothing more.

+1 everything Drum said

0.1% improvement on a stat per upgrade when the upgrade cost 50+ pearls and it’s more likely to fail than succeed.  And when pearls are so slow to generate!  Yeah it’s not worth it!

I’m a member of an alliance in top 3, and after the first two war season with blacksmith, I have to say that the blacksmith has ruined the game. Or to be more specific, Flaregames is too greedy now, as the gameplay force the large number of gems purchase from all of players who want to be valuable.

The Alliance War: the skull bonus perk items make the game imbalance, now the difference between who earn more skull is not skill any more. IT IS MONEY. Anyone can buy legendary items with gems, and they are always better than items bought with gold/pearl. Anyone with enough gems can forge those items to uber, remove useless perks, and forge again until they find the skull bonus perk. This move encourage people buy more gems, while dont really need to care about personal skill. Why don’t you give % skull bonus for one who scroll free a tough base? Why don’t you give % skull bonus for one who beats a base with more time left? The same goes to medal and trophy count. No, Flaregames only want people to buy gems and you got money. High level players feel tired, sell their accounts and move away, new player don’t want to join because it is meaningless, pay to win, no more. While you got less players, your income reduce, instead of thinking how to make the game better, you creatively invent some new way to force people buy your gems. This should not work, dudes.

The Blacksmith: It is expensive, damn hell expensive to got the right perk. It fails too often, really. And the pearl cost for upgrading the perk is not worth it. When the gameplay encourage gems buying too much, it’s not fun anymore.