Things that you have to nerf

Defense became to OP 

I always need a lot of diamonds like thedungeons

Phoebe beast is too strong. You have to be lucky to kill one. Imagine a level 10 phoebe from a level 130 king. It will be impossible.

You say that the stargazer tower hit back with a small apocalypse. One tower is enough to wipe my whole army and left my king alone.

You have to equalizes the defense necro with the offense. Defense necro has to much hp if a werewolf howl they become almost unkillable

I agree with you

I agree that Phoebe needs a bit of work. Maybe not a nerf, but it definitely needs a weakness!


Phoebe too strong??? Use ARCHERS to kill him, he die in one sec… 

stargazer tower hit back with a small apocalypse- use scream to call your troop before… 

defense necro- use bliz or frosters dragon ? 

Just enjoy the update

Never thought about that before thanks for your tips?

I always use hammerstrike on the skeleton horde, which works really fine.

U are forgetting fire damage from tainted love ( pro heal tower boost) 

I totally agree with you bro!

I’m a level 100 hero and I usually kill Phoebe in ease, with troops(knights, ogre, wolf). I didn’t seam him as a threat in my offense. It must have that potential because other beasts can be unlocked easily by getting pals from pal chests. But pro pals are not available from chests and we need to buy them from pro shop using crystals(twice, for donation) it’s not an easy task for alliance members to unlock Phoebe for their alliance! It should not be nerfed nor give weaknesses.(it’s my suggestion only)

And may be stargazer tower should slightly get rebalanced coz, while facing a line of stargazer towers, it’s always be a tough time to keep armies(whatever) alive! 


I agree. I hope and expect that Flare are going to nerf it once again pretty soon.

Then all the people from the alliances who have unlocked it are going to come to this forum and complain about the nerf and that Flare ripped them off because the invested so much work and money into it and that they expect a compensation and that Flare is not listening to the community and that Flare destroyed the game and they are going to quit the game if they don’t get their old overpowered Phoebe back.