Things we love about Flaregames lately

So, I read a lot of criticisms of Flare on the boards here:


Alliance Wars are terrible!

Flare’s rules are so unfair!

They can’t fix their bugs!

They stole my girlfriend!

Flare gave me an incurable disease and now I howl like a wolf all night!


Many of you  have valid complaints! But this thread–THIS ONE THREAD–I’d like to hear some praise for Flaregames. If you post negative criticism, you lose and you have to dump 70 gems on my base. (IGN: Adjudicator)


My biggest praise lately? 


Thank you so much for increasing your presence on this board! It makes me feel like our player community is growing into a family with your development community. Jack is awesome. The developers are turning things around quickly. 


My other biggest praise for Flaregames: Thank you for continuing to develop Royal Revolt 2! My financial investment feels secure. I fundamentally enjoy this game and the new strategies that come with the new development. You guys show that you’re dedicated to your players. 


Use this thread to encourage Flare to continue development, support, and innovation! I think this game has a lot more potential, yet! Lovin’ it!!!

Thank you Flare for making it so much fun reading the complaints of all the people you’ve fucked with your recent changes to the game! That’s really entertaining.


Yes, THAT was an absolute positive praise. :wink:

Already showed my appreciation…

Well Flare did steal my GF.


But now I have more time to play Royal Revolt.

I’m sorry for your loss


I missed that one, Atlas! Great post!

thank you flare for the treasure chests and fun gameplay


I really like how flare lowered the price of the first few royal champions and shields. that was totally a community suggestion


I really like the introduction of magic chests. this will help alliances participate in war and make the grinding exciting and worthwhile! We can all appreciate flare’s recent increase in activity with the community on the forums. and it even seems like their support team is more responsive lately



I love flare for these reasons:)

1-alliance:)…seriously the best part in this get the chance to know so many wonderful people from around the world.sharing our day to day funny experiences with each other and making each other smile.

2-there is something fascinating about this game which I even don’t know:D,because never played any game for continuously one year. :wink:

3-these new admins and community managers,they are actually responding to players,communicating and making things much better than ever before. :slight_smile:

4-seriously I am loving this personal chat feature,thank you for introducing this flare. :slight_smile:

5-flare created a game which actually requires skill,presence of mind and patience.hard to get all three in any other mobile game

6-they are continuously updating them and making this game fun to play.and I can’t believe you actually decrease the number of skulls to get magic chest flare.thank you for that.

7-I am to chat addicted,

Flaregames is awesome! I am a huge fan of Royal Revolt, but I find myself beginning to be an even bigger fan of Flare’s awesome people, like Jack. I am also a fan of the new social side of the game, even though it skewed some of the previous mechanics of the game. However, Royal Revolt! and Royal Revolt 2 are amazing and totally deserve each one of the 5 stars I rated each, and both deserve a 6th! But Google is not so cooperative when it comes to that 6th star :stuck_out_tongue:


If Flaregames ever comes out with Royal Revolt 3, I will be sure to 5-star it, even if Royal Revolt 2 takes up too much of my time for me to play it! :lol:

Why am I thinking that they give us a horrible update and then a few minor fixes and then a gigantic update that skyrockets their ratings and people playing and staying