Think about your suggestions before you post them!

I see a lot of suggestions that people just don’t think through.

If you really want to see an idea you have come to light think it over, and add some sort of information to it.


Example 1:Don’t write “I want private chat, everyone is ask you, give us ur private chat, private chat”-


Example 2:Do write "I want private chat. I see 2 ways this might be added to the game


Idea (a): Have the private be just like the normal alliance chat but a new window. You simply click right from alliance chat to see a log of your last 20 or so private messages not counting the ones you have sent out.

This will be in the IM format we are used to.


Idea (



I see so many suggestions that I would never read if I worked at Flare because there is either a 2 sentence thread about something you want or a 100 sentence thread with maybe 1 sentence of content.


People wanted Alliance Wars but I see so many people crying about it non-stop. Did you give your well thought out ideas for AW? If not you got exactly what you asked for and have nothing to complain about.

I have complained about AW before but I also made many threads with ideas of how I thought AW should work.

I chatted about it on the forums, I joined in others conversations, and so did lots of other people.



If you made a thread about private chat but didn’t put any real content or put bad content within your thread than whatever they do with it you can’t complain. You are asking for private chat and you are getting it.


Making suggestions is my favorite part of the forums and all the spam here just got to me.

This is a lover letter to 75% of the Non-Suggestions here in “Suggestions or Improvements”

Mods please tell put a little more work into this area of the forum.

I applaud you, sir. Impressive, direct and useful message.