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Hello. I am from Russian alliance “Королевство Русь”… With us on the same map of “Conquest” are Todesritter, US vs Them, and 7.6 … So, all these three alliances have united and destroy all our towers … We are not expecting to get 1-3 places and just want to earn chests … We sent requests to Todesritter and Us vs Them, but they said nothing to us … Yes, I recognize that strong alliances have the right to be first, but why mock more weak ?! We are all players, we all want to play and have fun, just someone in a strong alliance, and someone in a weak one. What is the value and where is the pleasure, in the victory of the elephant over the mouse? In the last “Conquest” our alliance was the strongest on the map, but we gave everyone the opportunity to get chests … And now there is a real mess, the players of our alliance are suppressed and upset. I write about it here simply so that everyone can see how Todesritter and Us vs Them behave dirty and disgusting. Shame on you guys …

Yeah I am from " The Lost Sheep" and  we experienced this type of behaviour from “Army of Skirmish” the last conquest. They were adament on destroying our towers so we dnt get to the healer tent. We requested them multiple times that we nt gng for the first place, and let us have the tent but they didnt budge. Even on last day they destroyed our resource tile tower. But we were able to get the healer tent in the end. Unruly behavior , on part of stronger alliance is common against weaker ones. 

that s when you see the true spirit of the alliance in conquest…

There is nothing dirty here.

its just a rules. There is 3 friends alliance and one unknown. Its easy to understand who will be destroyed. Its like a allies system work.


That’s not the point here.

The thing is, Conquest is not like Alliance Wars where all territory belongs to a team, there is free territory to conquer too
therefore a team’s victory does not demand other team’s destruction

So, why not let a weaker team get their rewards when it changes absolutely nothing for you?

Becuz its not fun

This is yet another example of why Conquest events should be 100% anonymous from start to finish.

It’s the only way to have truly competitive (and even fair) Conquest events.


However, if you end up on the right side of the deals going on in your Conquest map… oh boy… this hellish event becomes much more manageable.

It’s impossible to have a fair Conquest event.

Make it anonymous?

People will ask to see their enemy names. Many would want to know who they’re dealing with.

To gauge their strength, to test their bases first.

Don’t forget we can’t see if our enemy is good or bad, since his trophies and medals are not shown on conquest battle layout.

The only option is either:

A ) Be one of the stronger alliances and win by strength.

B ) Be lucky enough to make a truce and your enemy lets you conquer enough tiles for the chests.

A blind war would ruin the strategy tho, wouldn’t it?

How do we know who/if we should attack an enemy if we don’t even know who are our enemies?

A blind war would only ruin diplomacy, not strategy imo.

Right now diplomacy is such a huge part of Conquest that it barely leaves any room for everything else, strategy included.


I know (and the world is unfair too), but it could be a bit more fair than it is at the moment.

This event is just too much if you end up on the wrong side of deals in your map.

I think, there is a way to have a blind war and to evaluate alliance strength as well:

Right now you are not able to fight or befriend somebody when you click the info of a hero. Hence, my suggestion is to add an attack button. When you click on it, you will only see a rough medal range, e.g. “400+” or “1000+”. Then you could fight that person for no food. You’d gain XP and gold but no trophies not medals. There should be a cap on these fights, so people do not take advantage from that. E.g. 3 fight per player or something similar.
When you click on the info of the alli, you would see the level and their average medals. Alliances will not know their own average medals.

This will make it tougher to find out who you’re fighting against.

To make it even more tougher: In the first two conquests, the maps were 4-sided mirrored (everyone had the same terrains to work with). In the recent conquest, it varies a little. So, when you have a coordinate system with the center right in the middle of the map, it can be programmed the following way:

  • Flare has the original map with 4 players in each sector.
  • There is a virtual map with which the alliances work with:
    • For this, each alliance will “roll” a dice with 1-4. Depending on the number, the alliances will be moved to one edge. Since it’s random, 2 alliances could be in sector 1 and none in sector 3.
    • Since the map is symmetrical, flare can easily transform movements from the virtual to their actual map
    • Alliances first need to fight against each other to have a common value which they can exchange to get to know each other.
      The other alliance might not know that alliance A only wants to find out whom they are fighting with and will go for Supreme Victory. The time for validation is much smaller like that.

I will also put this under Suggestions since Madlen likes to keep things organized :slight_smile:

Sadly, very true 

You didn’t answer tho: How do we know who/if we should attack an enemy if we don’t even know who are our enemies?


Unfortunately  the alliance that is getting bullied and not allowed to build for rewards is sad.


Even in a war,  we have got wiped out in 2 days.  But at least we get some chests upto 15k skulls or 20k skulls for eg.

In conquest, a bullied alliance gets almost nothing after 8 days of torture and there is really nothing gained for the strong alliance except sadistic pleasure


We came first in 2 conquests super easily.  In 3 to 4 days , we figured  who will be top 3 based on rank, members and made pacts and ensured teams stick to respective promises.  We ended at 225, second team at 210 and third team at 200 for eg.

In the 3rd conquest,     we knew on day 1 that we cannot beat the strongest alliance.  We just told them please take first position and we will take 2nd,  we just want our chests.  They agreed.  Nice of them.  We both save time, gold , research and not going crazy at each other.  

For remaining  2 days, we had to fight a bit to prove to alliance 3 that we are stronger then them and after getting beaten in multiple fights.  They asked for mercy, so we are allowing  them to get to 175 points.  But we are stationed near their towers and will explore their area to ensure no extra towers are built.    If they comply,  they get all their chests


The 4th alliance does not belong in our map.  Too weak. They are getting decimated  by the top alliance.  We are not telling the strongest  alliance how they should be and staying out.

And we are making sure we dont score more then 230 to ensure we are in this tier.  


The anonymous factor is indeed a good idea.  But if conquest contunues like this, we just fight first 3 days,  be nice next 5 days,  live and let live.  Collect chests

Collect good karma

enough with the belly aching of this factory of sadness. and the poor me garbage.

maybe they should rename the event to   ’ pattycake and her friendly toy oven can make and bake wonderful and fluffy fun filled pastries for all to enjoy’



if it is too difficult to score enough points to unlock prizes, than you dont belong in that tier. 


karma is for wimps.

if you cant even play war in a play war game than go full hippy and stop using computer. gtf.

U can do as u please.     If we know we are first,  we get no pleasure in decimating  alliances at their strong hold so that they get nothing.  


never said i took pleasure in decimating anyone at their base. sure cant stand sniveling and whining though.

if your team, or anyone elses is too weak to unlock prizes whether you are beaten down or not, you or them are in wrong tier, have not prepared your team very well, need to upgrade towers or might actually be slower than the rest.

you dont deserve auto boosts for units and tent anymore than you deserve auto boosts in regular war. especially if your not prepared.

once again, and especially with this large map, if its too difficult for you too unlock prizes in first 2 days, than you are in wrong tier.

Lol.  We have been first, first and second in the past 3 conquests

So we know what we are doing.  In the process we have been nice to a few other alliances.  I am not whining.  Thanks.

We know how to play this conquest quite well and will stay in our tier which is super comfortable  for us.  Thank u.

once  again, my posts are generalized and nothing in them specifies any particular person or alliance.

if you take it as if im pointing you out as if its you, please show me.

we can hold hands and go from thread to thread and sing songs if you would like!!

Let us close here please.  So that topic is not closed.   Take care.

Todesritter leader actually spoke with a Russian general discussing their intentions for the war. An Alliance Message was posted in Todesritter asking all players to not attack any of the other 3 alliances on the map. With the level of conquest buildings, speed, energy and resources Todesritter have they can win without attacking any others on the map. This was stated to all others on the map. One Todesritter attacked a Russian after this instruction was posted, he was to told to lose the battle as we have agreements for this conquest map.
There is no point in wasting resources when alliances on the map are so badly matched or are friends.