Third Time Lucky

Will we have crashes this ninja event? I hope it is Third Time Lucky Flare.  :ph34r: :lol:

C. I’m lucky enough to never ever have had a crash

I don’t think they have found the source of the CoF crashes, so expect crashes. In the last event, each time I used my phone to fight, I crashed right after the CoF, when loading the castle. But my CoF coins were counted. It was more an annoyance than a problem.

We’ll have obviously crashes again since they didn’t alert us of anything about a solution to it and also crashes are still existing so…another damn ninja crash event i expect

Will we have the Ninja Event Crash, remember getting kicked out of the game as soon as the event started. I think in that case, Third Time Lucky.

Also, the potential fix for the crashes will probably come from a game update, not a server update.

Expect the worst is this Ninja Event.

I think the game is going to get crashed in the middle of a fight in the Ninja World. Since they said they have made changes. So their changes in the Ninja worked may create a chaos. Expect arrival of ninjas behind the hero near the tent.

This game is all about crashes so what do you expect? :lol:

Congratulations Flare, your servers survived the Ninja Apocalypse. :lol: 

Did it though, it didn’t crash, but it didn’t start at exactly 11:00AM EST either.  I’ve been noticing this trend during AW as well.  I used to be able to swipe up and down to get the screen to show, but over the last few AW, it won’t appear and nothing shows in my inbox.  Both lead me to believe that major processing spikes happen right at the start of the event, they’ve addressed the issue a bit, but events are still taking several seconds to open after they start.  It might sound like I’m splitting hairs here, but the difference between a few second spike and the system completely crashing could be very small.  Myself and a few others have speculated that they’re oversaturated on their AWS instance, but who knows, I can only comment that even if events aren’t crashing they’re slower to start than they used to be.

Still this is an achievement for them that the event started without a crash. Third Time Lucky.