Third Trophies Rework WTF?! is this sh+t

The third trophies update is really sucking , the second one was bes,t all people  were complaining about trophies loss but everything that needs to make this work is not giving trophies for unsuccesfull attack. But now 1 trophie per win ?  This means that we are not getting gems for big trophie changes , and even if top player (5500 trophies) will stop playing for year i wont catch up with him because of 1 trophie per win .( i am currently 3530 Trophies now btw) . ----------------- Give me back the second rework, reduce the gem dmg skills,delete reward for unsuccesfull attack,but let the reward be 7-10 per win.  BTW: THIS UPDATE  1 TROPHIE WIN -4-5 TROPHIE LOSS  MEANS I MUST WIN 4-5 BATTLES FOR LOSE THIS MEANS ITS SAME AS AT THE BEGGINING NOW BUT THIS IS WORSE BECAUSE THERES NO LADDER CLIMBING ,NO GEM REWARDS ,NO POINT IN PLAYING THIS GAME BECAUSE PLAYER STAYS ON SAME POSITION IN LADDER