This game got tough!

So first few days I was breezing through this game…  Now i am struggling to get wins.  I am level 10, I use Warriors/Sirens, upgrading Sirens to lev 2 currently.

I hit a wall as well.  Seems like once your lvl 10 your paired against more difficult enemies.  I have lvl 16 players occupying my islands and there is nothing I can do about it.  Which also means I can not level up my Heros either. 

Seems to be a steep curve once you hit lev 10.   One solution would be to make the Gorgon Aisles easier so that we have something to do until we get higher levels.

I am leveling my Temple to 4 at the moment, hoping with Trebuchets that will help against these higher level players.

Had the same Idea. Just finished Trebushets.  Will test it when i get some food. 

There is a barrier you hit in Hero Temple 3, have patience, once you clear to 4 production picks up and I just hit lvl 5 today and within 8 hrs I could attack 10 or so times in one sitting and build/upgrade 3 buildings/units. It’s a slow climb but you pick up speed. Hang in there!