This game is stupid.

Rather, not the game, but the units. They are profoundly dumb. In a game like this every second counts.


I am tired of seeing 12 of my minotaurs spinning in circles, walking slowly, parallel to barriers or base gates, bumping into each other instead of rage dashing through the pile and the mob, attacking low priority things when I’m trying to get them to attack something specific by attacking it myself (seriously, this game NEEDS hero shout like RR2). And don’t get me started on Minotaurs’ terrible collision detection. They do a rage dash through things and cause no damage and just end up politely and lovingly sliding their target(s) to the side. ARGH. 

And the Cyclops. parallel barrier walking too. Spending all their smash on small mobs (really I wish cyclops code were updated to make them prioritize, maybe only attack unless there is literally nothing else around, BARRIERS AND GATES. They are too slow to fight warriors and that power is so wasted. I know others will disagree, and I don’t mind, but I would like cyclops to target barriers and gates and towers almost exclusively and ignore enemy units, especially if there are other friendly units around.)

Medusa do not know the range of their state and frequently, for me at least, shot the ground just in front of enemy units, allowing the enemy units to continue having their fun.

Basically, I think cyclops should be tower, barrier, gate preferential. I think minotaurs perform abysmally in large crowds of them. I think it’s too hard to see smaller enemy units buried in crowds of larger friendly units. I am tired of confused minotaurs doing nothing but slow walking parallel to something they should be punching. I am tried of the lack of hero shout. I think defense mode should have a range or at least that spawning units nowhere near an enemy tower or unit HAVE NO NEED TO WALK SLOWLY. And medusa must have petrified their own retinae because they can’t see for gems.