This Game Sucks / I Hate Flare !

Complaints, complaints, complaints. Does it not make you cringe, seriously just look around at the topics it seems like that’s all you guys ever do and it’s turning this forum into trash. It’s like being surrounded by a bunch of kindergarten kids who yap for longer play time and more apple juice. Would you rather have a poll and implement something new despite what you think of what is in it ? Or have no poll with no changes at all ? Oh that’s right it doesn’t really matter because someone on here will always find something to complain about when the game is not up to par with your own liking. If you think the game sucks now and Flare won’t listen blah blah blah yeah bad news we heard it all before and it is not new so just quit playing the game like many high ranking players have already done. Simple as that, if not and you wan’t to continue playing then i would advise to stop crying every single minute when you can’t get your way and after all that if you still do decide to consistently type about how you don’t like this and don’t like that well at least do us a favor and use your pacifier while you do so.



* Note: This is not meant to offend anyone and You’re only likely to be offended by this post if you are one of the people who constantly  *****es and *****es on a regular basis and you know who are.



Cheers ~