This is a GAME, not a GAMBLE. Where's the love, Flare?

My dear, sweet Flare,

Long have I held you at the heights of my online love story. A game that helps me unwind and have fun is the gift you have given me repeatedly. Better than flowers, better than chocolates, and better than the puppies you send me. I became your #1 after a while (atop the Leaderboard, that is), and our little affection blossomed into a hot, steamy romance (could have been my busted AC unit, too).

But then you started a gambling addiction. And you spiraled into a deep, dark place.

You made it hard for me to help my friends based on skill and persistence alone. You made it so that a one-in-a-hundred chance of getting a silly little glove or sword skull perk separates me from helping my buddies get a victory.

I know you’re in denial. But that’s the first step on the road to recovery. You’re addicted to gambling and you want to make everyone else addicted, too. This is nothing new in the world of users and abusers, so know that you will make it out of this. I NEED you to make it out of this, not for my sake (I will survive!!!) but for yours. You’re not a casino. You’re a game company with an identity crisis. When you realize this, you will be that grand ol’ Flare we all loved being around.

Some ideas for helping you breaking out of your vicious cycle:

  1. Let players earn skull credits instead of pearls if they choose. Get 1 skull credit for every uber item you melt down. 30 credits get you a Unique Item of your choice. That sounds more than fair. It will give some control back to us, too.
  2. Or give us a VERY high chance of skull sword or glove when opening Uber Chests, but these can start at 1% skull so a player still has a long way to go. At least we can start somewhere, though.
  3. Finally, phase out chance over time, or give players some control. Let players build up credits they can use to get the boosts they want, or increase the probability of getting a certain boost they favor. Be more transparent. Put more power into the hands of your community. We can manage our affairs from there.

I know you can make it back. You may suffer from withdrawal. You may suffer from relapse. But if you’re persistent, you’ll get back to your healthy state again. In the meantime, I can’t keep investing anything other than time into our relationship, because I won’t abandon you, but I can’t feed your addiction.


Hopeful hugs & kisses,



to be fair, gamble is a game too

We’re all gambling even we know its bad.We’re all responsible for this, FG simply smart enough to make us addicted.Its annoying but I can’t really blame them anymore though I want