This is my level 80 party!

Congrats Phage :slight_smile:

Lol! Congrats!

PS- how do u put all those signs?

Using my phone emoticons

Congrats! Welcome in the 80(+) club! Now it really starts!

80 a fun place to be


yay u

haha congrats!

Congrats, Phage!


And guess what:



It’s my party, too today!


What will you do with yours?


Hehe Mogor, congrats to you as well :slight_smile:

Congrats Mogor!

Congrats Mogor and Phage

Lol, congrats Mogor.

Congrats Phage and Mogor to reach an important checkpoint ! Now loooking forward for lvl 120 XD

80-120 is a far longer journey than 1-80!! :grinning:

I m sure even 80-100 is longer!

Took me 4 months to reach 80 nd now 2 months to 93 nd that was with 1-2 xp perks nd couple of war xp boosts!! No telling how far is 120! xD

PS - congrats to Mogor as well!

Thank you to all congratulators!


And while i’m at it: Thanks to all high level kings, that (semi-) open their bases to us lower level kings!


Gypsy rose, dasor, meng77 to name just a few active on the forum :wub:


With your help i could rush from level 75 to 80 and get enough gold for some costly updates :wink:



Hi Phage, i think i raided you today. Was something with north in the name, if i remember it correctly.

If it was you: Thank you for the loot :slight_smile:

your towers in another way, your defense should be stronger and i may have been running out of time:

“Hide” the towers on the other side of the path, so that my king / troops can’t reach them.

That’s a nice setup :slight_smile:


Yesterday a level 55 king wanted to beat me and left 11 gems for me. 8 scrolls and

2 resurrections, still got only 50% :wink:

11 gems is good! My best is 16 probably because they needed just a little bit more gold for their upgrade. I noticed higher players get like 30+ gems per attack…there were some screenshots posted in the forum last year.