This is the layer that has me out

Since this layer came out, there is no way to get the change to skull on the right side. Since then, I have been investing in gems and pearls. I think, I don’t know for sure, but I dare to say, he already made his wheel. I cannot assure you, but it is so much since then that I have been trying, that it seems to me that I have gone all the way around. Only at least for%, it should have already come out. Some mistake? Does anyone have the same problem? Thank you. :wink:

Might take the first try or 20+. I have gotten more repeats during blacksmith, so know your pain. Skulls has a 6% chance while some of the others have higher odds. It will get there eventually if you keep it up/find it worth it. Unfortunately you are in or close to the 1k attempt range now for pearls, sometimes goes faster buying a few of something and then trying to forge it in.

Repeats shouldn’t be allowed if forged out I agree. Does make you wonder how big the bird’s house must be if you think about it lol

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Thank you brother. :wink:

I got it on the 31st try… I still have a screenshot of it… it made my mind crazy…

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But friend, I shouldn’t reach the 31st attempt. It is supposed to say that when you eliminate one potential to choose another, it should not be repeated. Ufffff, there is nothing left but to have patience, but it should not pass the entire wheel and repeat itself. Thanks for confirming brother.

I got it @ the 29th try …

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It was under 20 for me, but making a Chloris ring do it more than made up for it lol.

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bad luck (not my)

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You guys need some math help. :slight_smile: The odds of a 6 percent event not occurring in 30 tries is 15.6%. So about 1 in 6 players will experience this. Pretty common.

50 attempts 4.5%
100 attempts 0.2%

You poor soul if you get to 100 attempts but this will happen to 1 player out of every 500.

I got mine on attempt #7 I think. Good luck by me but was balanced out by bad luck in other areas e.g. took me over a year to get aska and I’m still on level 1 gaspar.


Chance is a bit better, because the same perk cannot repeat
But you are right, it is just a matter of luck and math.

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I agree … It’s just that luck is with you or not … :four_leaf_clover:
For me, I want the zelos ring with the skull bonus. I won one … 15 attempts, no skull bonus. I bought in the pro shop 3 zelo rings, 15 attempts on each … Still no skull bonus. So frustrating situation with you spend more diamonds and pearls again, again, and again for nothing :disappointed_relieved:

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I remember forging my heal ring into skull gear. Around 120 attempts it took me to get a skull perk on it. For this cape, I bought 1 cape first, forged it 4 times, nothing. Bought a second one and on first try that one became skull.

I did suggest something different in the past. image
Say I have that cape with xp perk. Next time I try to get another perk odds for xp is zero. But next time after it, it will be 20% again. This should be changed to increase the odds for perks I didn’t get yet.

I remove the xp perk. Why not divide the 20% over the other 10 possible perks and increase those by 2% (20%/10 = 2%)? My suggestion is to make this the odds.
Say you then get start morale and also don’t want that so remove that one. So the 22% will be then divided over the other perks like this.

Advantage of this technique is that the odds increase to find the perk you are interested in every time and the odds of perks you already had, are pretty low. Still you could find next time XP again, so you divide the 2.2% over the rest of the perks in that case.

By doing so, the odds for the perk you want keep increasing. And with this kind of method, it definitely won’t need 100+ forges before you get the perk you are interested in.


Thank you friends for commenting on your experiences. I thought it just happened to me. I really appreciate your time. :wink:

I, personally, no longer try to forge for the perks I want because of the bad luck I’ve had in the forging area. I just don’t feel it’s worth it anymore. I’ve deleted a perk only to get it back after a couple times…too many times. I’ll settle for the perks that come along with the items I get from now on.

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Interesting idea @Dena4.

I hope that FG listen you because it’s very embarasing to forge again and again and dont’ have chance. The must frustrating is when I want to forge one time…No skull bonus, but Pyro bonus. OK, I retry, i obtained mummy., and next time, another Pyro… :rage:
All diamonds spent for nothing… If I take all the forge, I bought 5 rings, won 1, and I tried (total) 100+ to have the skull bonus …In vain. So now, I obtained the skull bonus with my heal ring like you. I try to adopt it :blush:

But FG need to survive and the bonus calculation is good … to spend more and more for obtained what we want…after much test.

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