This is why gate towers should be removed

Before the Basilik Tower came into the game I was 100% fine with Gate Towers. Sure, they were annoying, but there was still a large chance you could take them down, you just had to smart about it. But now that we have the Basilik Tower, it has become a nightmare to get 100% on any base (to be specific, a nightmare on bases with Basilik’s at the gate). I just faced a Festival base that had FOUR Basilik Towers at the gate! FOUR! Fortunately they were low level, but I still only got 3 of them down before my troops finally took out the gate. With the Basilik Tower in the game, gate towers should be removed. We should either have them removed altogether or be able to deal damage to the Basilik Tower while its tail is up

No. Gate tower are very funny. The base become easier but more challengingfor 3 crowns. 

I have to be in the minority on this, but I don’t mind gate towers.  Of course, I’m also not one of those people who get on here and demand flare compensate me because suddenly the game was made more difficult (because, ya know, everyone was complaining that it was too easy…) I think it adds to the challenge.  The higher level players DEFINITELY shouldn’t be complaining about them, because from other threads I’m reading, the 130ers are bored out of their gourds!  When we were given the chance to turn on/off animations, I tried them out to see what they were like.  Sure, it’s annoying when you’re in the middle of a battle, but most of the time it shows two towers on the same side of the gate- so you KNOW what to expect when you reach it!  That way you know whether or not you have to blow through  ahead  of your troops to knock out those  annoying basilisks or if they are just a couple of skull or bomb towers you can one-shot with your blizzard spell.  I’ve found that simple trick has allowed me to be able to get 100% more often because I could see some of the towers ahead of time.

I think everyone has the right to place whatever towers they want wherever on their base to maximize the chances of the gate staying up.  If you can knock it down and get 100%, good for you.  If you still knock it down, but only get 98% or whatever, then that was a challenge.  The best way to problem solve a challenge is to come at it from a different angle.  We don’t HAVE to maximize things and get 100% every. single. time.   so, you didn’t get 3 crowns in one of the festival battles- that means you just have to fight one more time, that’s all.  I know some of you re extremely competitive (so am I), but if you don’t get 3 crowns every single fight and maximize your chances for just one more prize- it will be ok!  The world will still turn and you’ve done your best.  A well fought challenge is more personally rewarding than getting everything handed to you on a silver platter, anyway.  If your alliance kicks you out because you didn’t get 3 crowns every single fight, than their expectations are a bit much.  Nobody’s 100% all of the time. 

The other secret to the basilisks are getting them when they’re not striking.  It’s all about timing.  Most of the time I’ve faced two basilisks side-by-side, they pop up at the same time.  If I can, I one-shot them both with my sonic blast.  If you approach them slowly, you’ll “set them off” independently of each other and it will be harder.  If you can, run up and set them both off so that they’ll pop up together.  Of course, it doesn’t ALWAYS work, and sometimes you have to “fire and run” so you don’t get sniped by someone’s thunderbolt tower, but it’s not as bad as people make it out to be.  I’ve beat 4 worms at the gate before using these strategies.  You just have to be careful you’re not standing too close to the gate if your spells are strong, or you’ll knock it down before ou get the worms. (sorry, I got tired of trying to spell “basilisk”)

And I agree that the festival seems to be high powered.  Not OVERpowered as some would say, but HIGH powered.  It just gives more opportunity to try new troops or spells  where I otherwise wouldn’t have.


Outside of war, I don’t care, but during war, they’re just annoying. It’s almost impossible to get 100% when a base has 4-6 gate towers. You lose 1,3% SP per tower you miss. Don’t wanna know how it will be like during the ninja event, since blunt has been nerfed drastically

That’s not making it more challenging, it’s making it more annoying. Bases would be more challenging if everything was made stronger instead of just putting stuff by the gate so that your army would ruin your win for you.

yup, the basilisk tower is very extreme on the kill the time task , we have 2 tower that untouchable for most troop now we have tower that hide haft of the time so nobody can touch it , the only troop that can overcome it (after maxed dungeon and lots of forge) is too now slow make it also kill time too.?

But i guess i just have to wait till everyone adapt and built alot of it so it get nerf . In the mean time im fine with it because just get my 5th scream perk so i could draw my troop away from them and happy with 2 crown now  since if i wait to hit them that average of 15~22 sec not advancing troop for nothing ? 

I am ok with gate towers but I dont understand why is it in festival? I can beat festival but almost always 2 crowns due to 4/5 gate towers, occasionally 3 crowns. I dont want to grind festival although playing more will give me gold. I have got other games to play and other life events to attend to…


The bases in festivals are bases from actual players, just that they don’t show you whose base that belonged to. Nothing to do with the festival event. It’s the player who placed gate towers at his gate.

I am not a great fan of gate towers. This is TD type game and what kind of castle defence gives gate towers? Ofcourse exept trophy/skulls

Having gate towers, imho, takes a lot of skill out of attacking. It’s far too hard to get 100% anymore, with the Basilisk Tower. Now, to get 100%, it’s just down to whether the guy has less than 2 Basilik’s at the gate, otherwise it’s 99%

That’s actually a good thing. Less crowns = more raids = more gold. It’s even common practice to deliberately get 2 crowns in raids during festivals so that each day you do 7-8 raids instead of 5.

Love the basiliks…got 4…all on level 4…diamond supplyer?, and you can beat them pritty easy …kingthunderbolt explained.


It entirely depends on the level of your opponents defense. If it is a maxed out defense it’s very likely that you will have a much harder Time dealing with gate towers as people will have spent much more pearls on defense.

In lower trophy range players are all about offense and defense is none to barely forged. So going with your statement kingthunderbolt4 it’s more misleading as it is only applicable to your trophy range. At 4700 no so much unless you are way stronger than your opponent.

With the buff to defense I barely have enough Time to finnish bases. I don’t have the luxury to run ahead and kill both sides. With the nerf to blunt damage against towers it’s not possible for me to one shot them anymore. So having to cast 4 spells is Time consuming you will have to have like 30 seconds at the gate at the very least or take 2 blunt damage spells to reduce the Time.

Furthermore Running ahead at high level bases is most often a bad idea as troops and gate/gate towers can kill you easily.

But nontheless it’s possible to still get 3 crowns but it really depends on enemy base Layout troops etc and your own combo.

However I believe that it is not possible to get 3 crowns against every base with gate towers. No matter what combo you use no scrolls ofcourse. But people can prove me wrong I am open to that.

Unless the rest of the base is setup in such a way that sonic blast is the incorrect spell. It’s a lasting short ranged spell, that can be neutralized by a single heal tower or monk. Nice that you have sonic blast when skull towers are shooting at you from out of range and you exchanged you blizzard spell by sonic blast or firebolts when you exchanged firestorm for that.

Sonic blast isn’t the right choice all the time. When some towers are forged extremely well, those basilisks won’t go down one shot. Then they dive underground and cost you that much time that you can’t knock them down in time.

Gate towers matter at the top level of the game, below, and not maximum, they can be cancelled out (but at that level, lower skull perks makes them kind of irrelevant anyway).  All the top alliance wars are 6 gate tower wars (rest of the base not really matter), with a mix of all towers, so one spell won’t work at the gate.  Blunt and hammer were good because 1 hammer perk could take down a basilisk, now it can’t, so it’s pretty much useless.

I guess they should increase the difficulty level…The games too easy.?. Oh! wait, was it the other way round. 

In any case, whatever you do becomes a big zero on a fine morning, thanks to FG nerfing the most loved items.

Keep them as they are.  There are plenty of bases to target without towers at gate if that is a preference.

With hammerstrike now so pathetically sad. [Really is a bummer I had upgraded and spent endless Pearl’s forging that spell] . If there are gate towers in ninjas that will be virtually impossible ?

at least they are important in Festival. Allow you to do 2 crown for more fight and allow you to gain more gold. I don’t have problem much about gate towers. I don’t really care not do 100% each time.

But that’s 4 to 6 gate towers less on the path which is a good thing when attacking ?