This is why gate towers should be removed

It is, but only outside of war. It’s annoying during war

Yeah, I agree that it’s MUCH more annoying during the war when every skull counts! 

I’ll digress… the game seems to have quite an inconsistency  between “ranges”.  My only thought is if this is a “tower defense game”, and a player defends his castle by whatever means necessary, then they are playing the game.  If someone attacked my base and failed, for whatever reason, that’s good!  I didn’t build it so it can be easily beaten (although at it present level, it can…, like ShiroKo said, some of us ? spent our early days boosting offense at the expense of defense and now we’re playing catch up!). But that’s MY problem… ?


Yep, that’s the same problem with me. My offense is really strong, but my defense sucks, cause when I was a newbie at the game I just did whatever I wanted, instead of going step by step

During War Season everyone who have tower near gate should give extra +20 skulls per tower. Credit to Dena4 for this idea in the past. Problem solve. you want to put tower near gate? Fine but accept consequence and the fact you will give more skulls in War. I hope to see this one day a feature like this

I’ve suggested before that the gate area should be a “boss stage” - you must destroy everything bit by bit before the gate itself becomes vulnerable. Maybe there could be a redesign of the gate concept, like you can’t build any towers there but the gate is a much tougher, multipart construct, even spawning beasts as the “boss character”. It would make tower gates obsolete but also soloing bases would be tougher.