This pro league

I thought this pro league would be alright, the spells and units you get seemed okay, etc. But it isn’t, and its the combination of bugs and just “wtf” moments that makes it so.

Input problems - this has been steadily getting worse as the game has progressed. The same goes for the spell/units/scream buttons, they all occasionally just don’t work and that’s lead to so many deaths it’s not even funny. 

A lot of the king’s… I guess we’ll call them stats, don’t seem to work. Life drain does practically nothing, as does the ring. The regen part of shield doesnt seem to work at all and I’ve been hit through shield a handful of times. Normal regen doesn’t happen. Bladestorm still doesn’t do crap for damage and firestorm seems abnormally weak too. 

Jesterboxes seem to sometimes apply their damage twice, in quick succession. There wasn’t any other reason for a quick loss of my health, twice in a row like that, since a gargoyal tower was the only thing that should’ve been doing damage. 

The rest is systematic of pro leagues. The tools at the king’s disposal are debilitatingly weak, so the kind of gameplay and challenge that pro leagues want to offer can’t be offered. In other words, if I can’t use things like regeneration, some spells, etc to my advantage because, being so weak, they aren’t an advantage, then I’m just going to go back to the “spam units and pray they live” play style. Which is what the pro league wants to prevent. 

Give us some good spells. Maxed, maybe forged a little in some or all respects. If you’re going to give us tools for defeating the level, make them worthwhile instead of just “okay I have that”. Have us form strategies around them, for example, knowing that if I run forward guerilla style with my shield, I know I won’t simply instantly lose it and die as soon as I leave my knight pack. As of now, this isn’t challenging, this isnt new, this is the same playstyle you always use with different spells and units. If the tools at my disposal did something I would be able to form a strategy around it. 

Please show us what boosts our units are using, I still don’t know the knight’s. 

Finally, again a systematic complaint, the same people get the highest every time. Why not apply a multiplier on your next pro league that increases as your rank decreases? IE, if you got 3rd place last pro league, you’ll have a multiplier of .97 on your score. If you tried but didn’t rank as high, say around 500, your multiplier might be 1.02. something like that just to cycle some people at the top that get it every single time.

I do disagree unfortunately, since this separates the people who are strategically adept from those who maybe aren’t as good as raiding. Having a multiplier would ruin the pro league in my opinion as it wouldn’t be fair. Example, if we had a repeat of Mecha Cup, we could have a ton of perfect scores, and yet the results would be decided on multipliers, i.e. how they did in previous pro leagues instead of the current one.

However, I do believe that this pro league is insanely difficult; from my experience, only levels 1-7 are fully able to be completed, and even then you need tries and retries. Flare may not know about this, but it does need changing. However it’s difficult to get a pro-league to be exactly right, and the fact that they design a new pro-league every week, with matching themes, complex bases and troops, we need to consider that they may not get each week 100% perfect.

Also fully disagree. Rules apply to everyone, only your own skill decides the placement. Pretty fair. By applying something like a loserbonus would make the conecpt of “may the best win” useless.

Don’t forget that not only you have to use that combo, everyone has to.

Good luck next time!

this pro league is ridiculously difficult.And if you get a small lag,you die…

I see your point on the multiplier. But I still don’t like the idea of the same people winning every time. Yes, they are very skilled, much more so than I am. But a few points could mean the difference between rank 5 and 50, which is in the margin of error of simple luck. If you get just a few points lower than someone, you’re basically as skilled as they are by that measurement so why should they get the rewards every time?

Another option would just be expanding the rabges of rewards. It’s a bit ridiculous that only the top 100 or so get worthwhile rewards. 

I don’t think it’s more difficult than the last one, but the bugs stated above definitely make it more than it should be. Some of them aren’t exclusive to the pro league as well.


I highly doubt they design the bases by  hand, that’s really easy to automate so they wouldn’t have a reason not to automate it. For the rest though, I absolutely agree. However, like boosts to spells or units we don’t have (happened last time and I think this time again, but I didn’t look at it too long) are systematic and really should be caught with any competent QA. And the input lag happens throughout the game now. 

Forget HAPPY New Year. This time it’s gonna be a tiring sad heavy costly money draining gaming exp. in the end. Only FG who gets all the HAPPINESS. HAPPY DEVASTATING NEW YEAR TO ALL RR2 PLAYERS!  (except FG ofc)

You can always just take a break from the game if it’s bringing you down. This thread was just meant to point out the inherent flaws in the pro league and to see if anyone else has been having similar bugs

QuantumApocalypse, I seem to be having the same problem as you, my player mysteriously died with full power and a shield at pro league level 5 midway into the raid when there was no attacking unit or tower.It seem to me some highly powerful jesterbox blew my king.

Also my insta monks are not healing the king and life drain is also not working.Life drain shows that purple heart icon but health does not increase

It’s gonna be a Happy Pro New Year. Rejoice, peasants! :grinning:


As for dying for no reason, I’ve had this within normal game when I suddenly died not knowing what killed me, but I blamed it on the clusterflack of troops and stuff blowing up obstructing the view of my health bar and I simply didn’t notice that poison tower or whatever was killing me real quick. Maybe something’s afoot with them jesterboxes…or not…

having the same problem  :slightly_frowning_face: ,everything mention above!the occasional lags,the touch being non responsive etc etc.i have exp my hero being killed suddenly in pro league,bt i doubt that’s part of the bug.i have noticed the enemy viking push back ability will hit the hero even he is standing behind the troops.esp facing boosted Vikings,im way at the back nd wen they push back i do take instant damage.i think hero being killed suddenly is not a bug,the viking push back ability has a bigger radius to evade from.only way to avoid viking push back dmg is to stand directly behind him

so its not recommended lol to play this Pro league with 1200 ms lol or worst. Interesting…

The king getting killed by having his/her own troops thrown at him/her… That’d be an interesting feature.

One thing I’ve noticed that’s definitely confirmable is that certain effects don’t play when there’s a lot of troops on the screen. Mostly referring to the snake tower, whose poison dumping effect flickers in and out of view when there’s a swarm of knights. I understand that having that many units can be demanding on lower end devices but I’d rather suffer a framerate loss than not be able to see effects like that. It’s possible there are bombs that don’t render and go off without the player knowing. That would explain mysterious instant damage. A fix for this on flares side would be dropping the framerate to a lower constant value, like from 30 to 20. As long as it’s constant it should not affect playability too much

regardless of other technical issues,this pro league has been very buggy.

also i noticed @FTB would post videos abt the pro league as soon as possible.he would release all 3 parts of it with in 2-3 days,bt he hasn’t ma b he too suffered from lags nd bugs lyk us?bt frankly the top score being 1200 is laughable.i used to score 1700+ nd still would b above 50-80.flare needs to compensate players more than the last tym for all the bugs nd issues

Let’s summon @FTB for his unusual late videos. :slight_smile:

It’s just an unusual cycle i observed,im not quoting it as a proof.regardless of all the bugs nd problems FG should fine tune the pro league (including the option to choose spells nd troops to the respective slots,most suitable for player)

This pro league has been insanely tough and buggy…maybe that’s why @FTB couldn’t do well in this pro league…so didn’t upload any pro video this weak.

It’s quite telling that even the big guys can’t get more than 1300 or so. That means that there is no started to do well in, or that no one has found said strategy yet, which I feel is unlikely. FTB not posting vids is strange but I wouldn’t count that as evidence (yet) he’s having problems too. I hope flare does an investigation to the bugginess and if the bugs are actually there, refund a ticket to those that participated.

No big deal, this Pro League is fine, harder than the others, but not rigged :slight_smile: